For centuries, individuals that have faced difficulties relating to their physical mobility have looked to wheelchairs as being the solution to all of their problems. Over the years, they have proven themselves to be incredibly reliable pieces of equipment. As time has gone by, slight alterations have been made; for instance, the seat width has been increased, as has the size of the rear wheels. However, the past few decades has seen a shift in the landscape. Now, as ISB Mobility’s experts will gladly highlight, there are various products that you can look to purchase instead.

Mobility Scooter

Most people would agree that if you like the idea of a propelled wheelchair, that can provide you with the capabilities needed to travel far from your home without having to concern yourself about physical exertion, a mobility scooter poses the perfect solution. The sheer number of models that can be chosen from will astound you. Some, for instance, have storage bags integrated into their design, and are able to be disassembled in mere moments. Others are fitted with large tyres, and have no-difficulty in going off-roading. Regardless of the choice that you make, you can be sure that these will be a step-up from whatever type of wheelchair you were using previously.

Walking Stick

Depending on your physical condition, you might wish to try and make the most of moving around unaided. Should this be the case, a walking stick might be just what you need. Its lightweight composition means that it can be taken anywhere with ease, whilst it remains incredibly strong. Though you might not be able to put your full weight on it, it will certainly suffice for shorter journeys. It is certainly not recommended to try and go long-distance with just this for support, however.


Immediately, you will see that tri-walkers are designed with convenience in mind, hence why one of their defining features is the storage pouch that they are fitted with. No longer, whilst walking around, will you have to worry about how you are going to transport everything that you have purchased. Instead, you can fit everything neatly into this, whilst still remaining stable during your journey.


At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that these are simply heavy-duty wheelchairs that are bulkier than those that you would usually find. However, if you look closer, you will notice a number of features that allow powerchairs to stand alone. First-and-foremost, they have electric motors integrated into them; immediately, this should appeal to wheelchair users that are tired of having to rely on others. You will also be pleased to hear that, more often than not, the seats on these include extra padding, in order to maximise comfort.

ISB Mobility – Here For You

If you have been using a manual wheelchair for a number of years, it is perfectly understandable that you may wish to look at perhaps upgrading to a more superior model. It could even be that, after seeing some of the more technically-advanced units on the market, you feel that you deserve to take advantage of these innovative options. Should this be the case, there is no need to go looking far-and-wide for a retailer – ISB Mobility is here to help. 


In our eyes, it does not matter if you are choosing a wheelchair that features both pushing handles and powerpacks, or if you want to remain traditional with your walking stick. Our primary focus is on the satisfaction of our customers. Why not give us a call today on either 01 616 70 79 or 045 892696, and see how we can be of assistance?