Zoom Plus Lightweight Rollator


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Key Features:

  • Three size options: Small is 5cm lower seat height, Medium is standard size, Large is 5cm wider seat width.
  • Very lightweight and easy to handle
  • New braking system with strengthened brake handles and larger brake pads, for more effective braking.
  • Soft-roll EVA tyres giving increased control on laminate flooring, and improved shock absorption and comfort.
  • Folds quickly and effortlessly for travel and storage
  • Large backrest for good back support when seating
  • Handle height from 810 – 910 mm, making it suitable for users of all heights
  • Twin velcro stick loops – allows for second stick holder to be installed for users who require two sticks

Description: The Zoom Plus is a premium rollator manufactured to the highest standards of design engineering. Being exceptionally lightweight the Zoom Plus is incredibly easy to handle and is ideal for users who like to travel. It has an easy folding mechanisms allowing the rollator to fold down into a very compact size. The Zoom Plus incorporates both a revolutionary easy-squeeze braking system with extra-large brake pads and the Soft-Roll EVA tyre design which combined offer superior traction on slippery surfaces, such as laminate flooring, and ensures complete peace of mind and confidence for the user, when faced with challenging terrain or conditions. A wide and flexible backrest provides additional comfort and security whilst seated. Available in a range of contemporary colours, the Zoom Plus has a stylish look and design and also comes with a large storage bag for transporting and storing items as soon as you need. Handle height is also simple to adjust, therefore giving the height you need to have comfortable journey whatever your height. The Zoom Plus can be easily adapted to hold a second waking stick holder. This rollator also comes in a small seat height size and a medium seat size and also a large seat width size.

Model  Zoom Plus Small   Zoom Plus Medium Zoom Plus Large 
 User Weight (Max)  21st. (136kg)  21st. (136kg)  21st. (136kg)
 Total Weight  5.55kg  5.65kg  5.75kg
 Handle Height  780-880 mm  810-935mm  810-935mm
 Seat Width  470mm  470mm  520mm
 Overall Width Folded  250mm  250mm  250mm
 Overall Width Open  625mm  625mm  675mm
 Overall Length  730mm  730mm  730mm
 Bag Max Load  5kg  5kg  5kg
 Wheel Type  EVA Soft Roll  EVA Soft Roll  EVA Soft Roll
Stick Holder Yes Yes Yes
 Storage Bag Yes Yes Yes
 Padded Backrest Yes Yes Yes
Folded Locking Device  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Chassis Type  Lightweight Aluminium  Lightweight Aluminium  Lightweight Aluminium

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Black Sparkle, Capri Blue, Midnight Pine, Midnight Purple, Morning Mist