Best Quality

Straight Stairlifts

Our Straight Stairlifts are dependable, reliable, and stylish. Sold throughout Dublin, and all over Ireland, we have a range of high-quality straight stairlifts – why not review these two options and contact us so we can help you make the best decision based on your unique needs.

Best Quality

Curved Stairlifts

Our Curved Stairlifts are dependable, reliable, and stylish. Sold throughout Ireland, we have a range of high-quality, top brand curved stairlifts– why not review these two options and contact us so we can help you make the best decision based on your unique needs.

The Ultimate First Step Start. It’s a simple, tidy, and reliable solution to avoid an intrusive rail or a costly hinge at the foot of the stairs.

Used & Approved Stairlifts Available

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Straight Stairlifts

The simplest and most affordable
stairlift. Straight stairlifts are
fitted to stairs with no turns.
Installing a straight stair lift
is easy and takes less than 2 hours.

Curved Stairlifts

If your stairs have a bend, turn,
or landing, then you require a curved stairlift. Our installation teams fabricate your stair lift to precisely fit your stairs.

Spiral Stairlifts

We have installation teams who
specialise in spiral stairlift fitting. Our teams can install either the right or left side and have super slim stair lift options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you ever ride on a stairlift? Well if you ever have, you would soon realise that the ride is not very exhilarating or fast, in fact they are governed to a top speed of 150mm per second of travel, but for somebody who needs one, they are absolutely essential for daily living and safety. The vast majority, imagine people who use stairlifts, to be suffering from bad limbs or tired joints of some sort, and while people with these complaints often do avail of stairlifts, the majority of users who benefit from using a stairlift would be suffering from Heart or breathing difficulties. Remember when you climb a set of stairs, that is what you’re actually doing “Climbing” the stairs, which is hard work and sets the heart beating faster. A stairlift is designed to take all of the climbing out of your home daily living; the whole idea is to take you from one level to the next without climbing any steps in between. The aforementioned is usually achievable in most situations.

Often people who are thinking about purchasing a stairlift, hold on until the very last, and in a lot of cases, it may take a fall on the steps, before they decide to install one. This is usually unfortunate and regrettable, because a fall for an elderly person can be very difficult to recover fully from, and while a stairlift will take away the burden of the Steps, it won’t heal the person. If you are thinking about a stairlift, then you probably would benefit immediately from one.

A stairlift not only gives the user great comfort and benefit, but loved ones benefit too, of course they do. Everybody sleeps more easily, once they know that their dear ones can now negotiate the staircase with comfort and safety.

Everybody? If you live in a 2-storey house, and of course if you live long enough, you will eventually require a stairlift.

Millions of pensioners can’t be wrong!