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Common Motives Behind Investing In Stairlifts

In case you weren’t already aware, stairlifts have seen their popularity continue to soar in recent years. In part, this can be attributed to the fact that they have come on leaps-and-bounds from a design perspective. Their functionality has also been greatly improved, which is not something that should be taken for granted. Here at ISB Mobility, we wish to use our not-inconsiderable amount of expertise to shed some light on some of the reasons that might cause you to want to buy a stairlift.

You’ve recently been discharged from hospital

Regardless of the reason that you have been staying in hospital, the likelihood is that when you leave, you will be slightly lacking in strength. Whilst this is not necessarily a major problem, it could mean that even the simplest of tasks could cause you some problems – climbing the stairs is a prime example. Instead of causing yourself unnecessary hardships, you would be better-off investing in a stairlift, if only for a short space of time.

Your age is getting the better of you

Getting older is a natural part of life – there is nothing that can be done to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, a side-effect of this is that your muscles will slowly-but-surely begin to waste away. As time passes, you will begin to notice that your strength fades, and this can subsequently make it rather difficult to navigate your staircase. Thankfully, you can resolve this problem with relative ease; all that you need to do is source a stairlift that can cater to your particular situation.

You have fallen down the stairs in the past

Although this is not a scenario that you will want to linger on for any length of time, it is important that you look to take the necessary action to ensure that you never-again fall down the stairs. This is an accident that can have serious ramifications, not only on you but also on your friends and family members. There are numerous stairlifts that can be found on the market at a reasonable price, and the impact that they can have will prove to be invaluable going forward.

Units available to you

Once you have come to the realisation that you would be well-served by having a stairlift within your home, the next logical step involves finding a unit that is to your liking. This is an area that you are spoilt for choice in, and in truth, there is no right-or-wrong answer. If, for instance, your property has curved stairs, you could decide to opt for the Platinum Curve Stairlift – despite the hefty price-tag, it is certainly a viable option. Alternatively, should you be keeping an eye out for a more-basic unit, the Homeadapt Elan Stairlift will not let you down.

ISB Mobility – Here To Help

Although there are various firms that specialise in the supplying of mobility aids in Ireland, if you want to guarantee yourself a positive outcome, the only name that you need to know is that of ISB Mobility. Whether you require a walking aid that you can take out-and-about, such as a walking stick, or a daily living aid in the form of a stairlift, you can be rest-assured that we will do everything in our power to put a smile on your face. Before you proceed any further, we recognise that you may have a few questions that you need addressing. In situations such as these, your best-bet is to get in touch using the enquiry form that is located on our website – we can’t wait to hear from you.  

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How Could A Mobility Scooter Transform Your Life?

When you walk around your local area, it will not take long for you to notice that there are more-and-more individuals that are beginning to take advantage of mobility scooters. These units have come a long way since they were first introduced, and it is no-wonder that their popularity has continued to grow. You may be curious to learn more about the specific benefits that can be enjoyed from purchasing a brand-new mobility scooter. Here to tell you a little more about this particular subject are the wonderful ISB Mobility experts.

Excellent Range

In the past, people believed that whilst mobility scooters were excellent for short-distance trips, they were not much good when you were planning on travelling further afield. Whilst there may have been some truth in this in times gone by, the same cannot be said for the mobility scooters that have recently been floated onto the market. The range of mobility scooters have slowly-but-surely been improved, meaning that you are free to explore the great-outdoors at your leisure. This, we are sure you will agree, is a preferable alternative to being confined to a wheelchair that must be pushed about.

Protective Measure

When you begin to get older, it will not take long for you to notice that you are not quite as physically-capable as you were in your youth. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to accidents, whereby your condition will worsen. Rather than allow this eventuality to become a reality, you would be better-off investing in a mobility scooter. This purchase can allow you to continue to go about your daily activities, without having to worry about the chances of falling and hurting yourself. 

Stylish Transportation

If you are at-all concerned that buying a mobility scooter could tarnish the way that you look whilst you are away from your home, allow us to put these fears to bed. Were you to take a moment to browse through the wide-range of mobility products that are currently available, it would not take long for you to notice that the vast-majority of these are visually stunning. As the years have gone-by, manufacturers of mobility scooters have come to the realisation that in order to ensure that their popularity does not decline, it is important for the units themselves to be aesthetically-pleasing.

High-Quality Comfort

Although this may not be at the forefront of your mind, it is important that you recognise that investing in an electric mobility scooter will in no-way impact your comfort. Usually, the seats that feature on these units are made from leather, and are meant to be able to maximise your comfort regardless of the number of hours that you spend on it. This means that when you are planning a long-distance excursion, you don’t need to spare a thought on the way that this could compromise your comfort. 


What Can We Offer You?

Purchasing a mobility scooter in Ireland is not quite as easy as you may think; with so many options from which to choose from, it is vital that you elect to work-with a retailer that has a keen understanding of the industry. This is where ISB Mobility truly comes into its own – as opposed to some of our competitors, we work tirelessly to satisfy the needs of our customers. With a catalogue that is full-to-bursting with incredible options, we would love for you to get in touch if you are entertaining the idea of going down this particular route. In order to get the ball rolling, we suggest that you write to us directly at

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Why Might You Be Looking For A Stairlift To Rent?

Over the past few years, there has been a huge influx in the number of people, within Ireland, that are looking to invest in a stairlift. These cost-effective units mean that you do not need to endanger yourself when trying to navigate the staircase within your home. However, what you may not realise is that you do not necessarily need to purchase one of these units. Having been working with a vast-range of stairlifts for more than twenty years, Irish Stairlifts is ideally-suited to explaining the various reasons that might call for you to hire a stairlift.

Temporary Guest

It may be that it is not, in fact, you that is looking to utilise a stairlift, but someone that you have coming to stay with you. Perhaps your elerly parents are long-overdue a visit to your home, but no-longer have the physical capabilities to travel up-and-down stairs with ease. Rather than having to constantly worry about their safety, a better solution could be to rent a straight stairlift for a short space of time. This small investment could certainly have life-saving implications during your relatives stay.

Short Term Injury

There are countless different injuries which could mean that you are not quite as mobile as you typically are. It might be that you have undergone surgery to fix a long-standing problem, and subsequently find yourself incapable of walking as you normally would. Alternatively, you may have been partaking in a sporting activity which, through no fault of your own, has led to being prescribed a period of rest. No matter the circumstances, a short-term hire of a stairlift might be just the answer that you so desperately-need.

Insurance Reasons

Though you may not realise it, there are some insurance companies that will dictate, either due to your current medical situation or age, that they will only continue to cover you if you install a stairlift. However, if you can negotiate a contract which involves only a temporary installation, due to the fact that you are slowly-but-surely recovering, you might find that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Which Stairlift Is For You?

For those of you that have recognised that getting a stairlift installed using a monthly rental service is the ideal route to go down, you now have an important decision to make. Namely, ascertaining which unit is best-suited to your current environment. The Thyssen Straight, for example, can slot into almost-any property with ease, whilst the Ultimate Curved Stairlift represents the pinnacle of engineering in this particular field. There is arguably no right-or-wrong answer; instead, it is about personal preferences.

Can We Help You?

In truth, there are a vast number of reasons as to why you may be looking at rental schemes for stairlifts, rather than getting a stairlift fitted permanently. It may be that you simply do not have the finances to be able to handle the extra costs associated with buying a stairlift; perhaps you are only going to be off of your feet for a short while, and so need temporary assistance. Whatever your motivation may be, one thing is for certain – you won’t be disappointed with the options provided to you by Irish Stairlifts.

To us, it does not matter if your current home’s layout dictates that you need a straight stairlift, or you are looking for a curved stairlift that can handle the obstacle of a landing. Our mission is to supply you with top-of-the-range units at prices which are considered to be affordable. For those of you looking to make an enquiry, be it regarding our stairlift rental service or the installation charges that are involved, we suggest taking a moment to visit our website’s contact page.

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What Is Considered To Be The Best-Priced Stairlift?

If this is your first foray into the stairlift market, you might be slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of options which are presented to you. Regardless of your budget, you can be sure that there is no-limit to the potential availability. Though this is certainly not a bad thing, it does mean that working out which unit is best-priced is easier said than done. Thankfully, this is not a journey that you have to undergo alone. Having been offering stairlift installation as a service since before the turn of the century, Irish Stairlifts is well-suited to shed some light on the matter.

Homeadapt Elite

When you first clap eyes on the Homeadapt Elite, it will immediately become apparent that this is a top-of-the-range product developed by a stairlift company which has a keen understanding of the industry. The railing system which it utilises ensures that no damage will befall the wall that it runs along; not only this, but the leather padded chair has been designed to maximise the comfort of the user. Were you to decide that this is the unit for you, you can be sure that you won’t be left feeling disappointed.

Platinum Curved

Despite the fact that the Platinum Curved is regarded to be the so-called ‘runt’ of the curved stairlift litter, this is by no-means an accurate reflection of the proficiency with which it operates. The seatbelt that it comes with, for instance, is a reflection of the onus that the designers have put on safety. The ergonomic seat also ensures that you are able to improve your posture during each-and-every trip.

Thyssen Straight

For many, this is what would be described as an ‘average price’ stairlift. In terms of running costs, it is fairly easy to maintain. The weight capacity sits at twenty three stone, meaning that it can accommodate almost all individuals that wish to make a purchase of such a unit. Thyssen is a stairlift manufacturer with much pedigree in this industry, and so it should come as no surprise to learn that the Thyssen Straight will have no issues in catering to your needs. In case you were wondering, this is a product which is best-suited to straight staircases, preferably narrow.

Ultimate Curved

As you may have already deduced from the name, this is a product for which you would be expected to pay a fairly hefty fee. However, the various features which come equipped with the Ultimate Curved Stairlift, as standard, means that this is not unwarranted. This is a type of stairlift which is designed for those that have a large budget, and wish to enjoy a life of luxury. From the power-swivel chair which allows you to easily enter and exit, to the incredible bend radius that ensures that it has no issues navigating curved stair – this is a product which epitomises high-quality.

An Introduction to Irish Stairlifts

Have you become tired of scouring the Internet trying to determine which stairlift brand is the best to fulfil your particular requirements? Interested in collaborating with a company that offers a wide-variety of both curved and straight stairlifts, all of which have been proving to be first-class in terms of quality? Should you believe that either of these statements are applicable to you, the likelihood is that, in Irish Stairlifts, you have found the perfect solution.

Whilst much of the business that we do is in relation to stairlifts, it is important to note that we also specialise in a wide-variety of other mobility-related products. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions-or-queries regarding our catalogue. To speak to a member of our team, you simply need to follow the contact instructions conveniently laid out on our

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The Mobility Aids In Ireland Which Are Taking Off In 2021

Whilst some of these have been around for an extended period, others are regarded as new, innovative, and potentially worth trying. If you have been looking into the possibility of investing in one of these, it could be beneficial to heed the words of wisdom provided by the Irish Stairlifts team. We would be glad to outline some of the biggest-sellers of the year so far.

Mobility Scooters

Most people would agree that mobility scooters are more-than deserving of the ‘quintessential mobility aid’ label. These can be found scattered around the country in large numbers, and much of this can be attributed to the fact that they are excellent for traversing the outside world. Should you be someone that finds it difficult to walk further than your own front door, this will allow you to once-again enjoy exploring the great outdoors, without having to rely on assistance from those close to you.


Whilst they may not be the most well-known product to feature on the mobility aid market, what cannot be denied is the excellent manner in which riser-recliners have been designed and manufactured. At first glance, you would be forgiven for mistaking one of these for a traditional armchair – in terms of visuals, they are incredibly similar. It is what lies underneath the upholstery that is remarkable. In essence, these units are meant to allow someone to be able to sit down, and subsequently stand up, without needing to exert themselves. This can have incredible benefits for individuals that simply want to relax.

Thru-Floor Lift

Without a doubt the product on this list that carries the hefties price tag, there is a very good reason for this. In case you have not come face-to-face with a Thru-Floor Lift in the past, it is important that you understand that for this feat of engineering to properly function, a number of renovations have to first be implemented. However, once this has been completed, you can be sure that your quality of life will soar as a result. If you are slightly struggling in financial terms, you may be interested to learn that this is something which can be paid for in installments.


If, perhaps, you do not quite have the budget for an in-house lift, but still want to be able to travel between your property’s floors with ease, it might be best if you take a closer look at the wide-array of stairlifts currently in circulation. These have been modified so that now, regardless of if your staircase is straight or curved, there is a particular model that will be able to seamlessly be fitted, so that you can enjoy the benefits as quickly as possible.

Irish Stairlifts, Here For You

For those of you that find that your body is no-longer capable of performing the physical feats that it once could, now may be the optimal time to start investigating the possibility of purchasing mobility or walking aids. Thankfully, if this is an idea that you would be open to, and you reside in Ireland or Northern Ireland, you subsequently have the chance to purchase from a reputable and experienced firm, in the form of Irish Stairlifts. Our firm, in case you didn’t already know, has long been regarded as exceptional when it comes to improving the daily living conditions of those who are mobility-challenged. Would you like to discuss your personal circumstances with us, so that we can suggest which course of action is best for you? If so, it could be worthwhile calling us on 1850 88 5000 – why not reach out to us today?