Are you looking for an experienced company who can assist you with mobility ramps in Dublin? Look no further, welcome to Irish Stairlifts and Bathrooms. We have been established in Ireland for over a decade now and we are recognised as a market leader with our vast knowledge in the disability access market. Whatever your reasons may be for needing to install a ramp at your property we can assist you.

Unfortunately, when people start to struggle with their mobility one of the hardest things for them to tackle is internal stairs and external steps. When people have steps outside their property the thought of having to tackle them by themselves can be so daunting that they choose not to go outside at all. Of course, no one wants to be cooped up indoors and installing a ramp is the easiest, most cost-effective and practical solution to assist anyone that is struggling.

When coming to Irish Stairlifts for your mobility ramps in Dublin we work predominantly with bespoke ramps. The ramps we make are made with concrete and finished with an anti-slip surface. They are sturdy and reliable so you will never have to worry about stepping out of your house alone again. The recommended fall for our ramps would be 1:20 where space is available, but they can be as little as 1:12 where space is limited. We measure the fall by multiplying the vertical height that needs to be overcome by the total length of the ramp and can work with you to get the best possible outcome. You can get a feel for some of the bespoke ramps we have made previously by visiting our website.

Every single one of our ramps in Dublin is built with health and safety in mind and conform to all relevant industry standards. To make the user feel even safer we also suggest that all ramps have handrails which run at the open sides. All of the handrails that we install on our ramps are made bespoke of steel and painted in an anti-rust paint. You can choose the colour of these handrails and we will work with you to ensure that the whole ramp is aesthetically pleasing to you.

If you think that you would benefit from the installation of one of our ramps in Dublin then please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can speak directly to a member of our experienced team by calling 045892696 and we will happily assist you further. We will take the time to discuss your needs and requirements and explain in more detail how our ramps in Dublin will help you personally. We can also answer any questions that you may have and put your mind at ease.