Have you been looking for a reliable local company that has high-quality orthopaedic chairs for sale? Welcome to ISB Mobility, we are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of various mobility aids in Ireland. We have an incredible range of orthopaedic chairs and riser recliner chairs for you to choose from and we are sure that you will find the perfect chair for you in our showroom.


Our orthopaedic chairs for sale are designed to support the user and also make it much easier to sit and stand. These chairs are operated by remote control and allow you to move various sections of the chair when required. You can move the footrest to support your legs, the top of the chair to find a comfortable position for your back and also the whole chair to assist with sitting down and standing up. All of our chairs also have generous deep-fill luxury cushioning and foam which delivers unrivalled levels of comfort and support.


If you’re looking for orthopaedic chairs for sale that can specifically help with hip and lower back pain then we would recommend that you look at our Curragh Range. This range of chairs and sofas have all been specifically designed to provide maximum support for the user. They have vertical side lateral cushions that are positioned perfectly to offer great comfort for those in need of hip and lower back support. Our lateral support chairs have been well received particularly within the mobility and healthcare retailers.


Just because you are purchasing our riser recliner or orthopaedic chairs for sale to support you doesn’t mean that they can’t look good in your home too. We pride ourselves on being able to provide modern chairs in a wide variety of colours and materials to match the interior of your home. All of our chairs combine beautiful styling and quality craftsmanship. When you put one of our orthopaedic chairs for sale next to your other sofas and chairs no one will notice that it is a supportive chair. It will soon become the favourite seat in the house.


If you have been advised to purchase a more supportive chair and would like to view our range of orthopaedic chairs for sale in person you are more than welcome to visit our showroom. Contact us today to arrange a convenient time for you to come and see our range of chairs. If you have any questions at all in the meantime our experienced team will also be able to answer these for you.