One, if not the primary reason for installing a mobility stairlift into your home is to increase the independence within your own home as it allows the user to go up and down the staircase with ease. With that being said, several key factors make them so popular, with one of the biggest determinants being the safety features, but what are they?


Almost all modern residential stairlifts are now installed with a suitable seatbelt function, which is often in the form of a lap belt. As you might have guessed, the primary reason for this is to prevent the user from being able to fall out of the chair, which could result in significant injuries depending on the extent of the fall.

Especially for those that suffer from disabilities or mental illnesses that cause them to fidget or move continuously, a seatbelt will ensure that they are unable to remove themselves or fall out of the stairlift, preventing accidents as mentioned previously.

Back-up power battery

It’s also likely that the mobility stairlift will be installed with a back-up power system, usually through a battery system. This is implemented in the unlikely event of a power cut in your home, which will stop the stairlift from being able to move – leaving the user potentially stranded halfway up the staircase if they are using the stairlift at the time of the power cut. Fortunately, with the use of a back-up power battery, the stairlift can continue to work so that you are transported to the location you wish to be at.

Safety sensors

Under the European safety guidelines, it’s also a requirement that all modern residential stairlifts are fitted with suitable safety sensors. Not only are these implemented to ensure the safety of the user, but also anyone or anything else located close to the stairlift. This is because the sensor will automatically detect if any obstructions are in close region of the stairlift or the track, which will cause the stairlift to slow down at a gradual rate until it has stopped.

Lockable swivel seat

So that the user can easily get on and off the stairlift’s chair, it will likely be fitted with a swivel seat so that it can easily be accessed. Although this is a great feature to promote ease of access, it also poses another security risk – potentially falling off the side at the top. However, many mobility stairlift manufacturers recognised this, which is why almost all stairlifts now include a locking feature so that the chair is unable to swivel around.
Dual control option

More of an ideal solution if you have more than one person that requires the mobility stairlift, having a dual control option is also a suitable safety solution. With dual control, it means that any additional users can easily move the stairlift up and down the staircase system, which primarily promotes ease of access, but can also be vital in case of emergencies for safety purposes.

Pressure-sensitive operation

Following on with a similar topic, several mobility stairlifts are fitted with a pressure-sensitive operation rather than a single operational switch. If you didn’t know, this is designed for safety purposes, where the user is fully in control of the stairlift’s speed and movement – so if they feel uncomfortable at any stage, they can stop the stairlift until they are prepared to move once more. In the chances of a fall from the chair, the stairlift will also stop movement, enabling the user to gain balance and get back onto the chair safely.

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