Check Your Staircase Type

If you are thinking of buying a stairlift, read our simple guide which should help answer some questions you may have. Stairlifts provide users the independence to access all levels of their home while also reducing the risk of falling down the stairs, which can unfortunately pose tragic or fatal outcomes. Depending on the type of stairway you have in your home will determine the type of stairlift you require, curved or straight.


Straight Stairlifts

The simplest and the most economical stairlift to buy is a straight stairlift. Straight stairlifts fit all straight staircases, regardless of the steepness of the stairway or the number of steps. A straight stairlift does exactly what it says – it goes straight up and down, in parallel with your stairs. They are suited for staircases that have no corners, bends or landings. Each track is cut to size based on your staircase height (or the number of steps).

We offer a variety of straight lift options so you can decide whether you want to keep it basic or add on a few extra features.

These features include:

A Manually Swivelling Seat allows your seat to swivel toward the landing once you reach the top. This ensures you are getting on and off your lift walking toward the landing and away from the stairs. Without a swivel option, you are forced to dismount near the edge of the stairs. We also offer a Powered Swivelling Seat, which is ideal for those with limited hip mobility, such as post hip surgery, as the chair will automatically swivel when it reaches the top or bottom of the stairs.

All stairlifts have foldable seats, footplates and arms that can be folded up when not in use, allowing clear access for other stair users. We also offer a Powered Folding Footplate so users don’t have to bend down to fold it up and out of the way – this is ideal for those with limited mobility as for many people, bending down isn’t even a possibility.

If you have a door near the top or bottom your stairs, a Slide Track is a ground-breaking solution available. This unique solution allows the track moves up the staircase at the same time as the seat is moving, leaving the doorway at the base of your stairs unobstructed. This is ideal for tight spaces or when the track may block a doorway or hall. The Slide Track works automatically when the toggle or remote control is activated.


Curved Stairlifts

If your buying a stairlift and your staircase has bends, landings or corners, then you will need a curved stairlift. For example, you will need a curved stairlift if your staircase has 13 steps up, a mini landing, then goes up another three.

It should be noted that not all curved lifts are built the same. Some manufacturers use modular pieces that they put together like a puzzle to fit your staircase. Unfortunately, since not all homes are built the same, the track may be wider than you need and not lay flush against the staircase. It also means a bumpier ride as you go over the joints where the pieces are bolted together.

All curved stairlifts are built specifically for your home, ensuring it fits tight like a glove. Curves are tighter to take up less space on your staircase and there are plenty of extra features to add on as desired.

Like our straight stairlifts, you can choose from manual or powered folding footplates and manual or powered swivelling seats.