Across the country, there are numerous individuals that, on a daily basis, have to face struggles due to their limited physical mobility. In times gone by, there would simply be forced to endure these, with no solution in sight. Thankfully, the mobility industry has seen a lot of time and effort go into developing products that are designed to ease the burden so to speak. Below, you can find a breakdown, courtesy of the Irish Stairlifts experts, regarding the options that you might like to take advantage of.


As you may have already worked out, due to our name, here at Irish Stairlifts we advocate that no units can hope to surpass the effectiveness of stairlifts. Primarily found in domestic properties, these are slowly-but-surely becoming the most popular disability aid in Ireland. Much of this is down to the fine-tuning that has taken place on their operational capacity, whilst it should also be mentioned that their overall design has improved significantly. Now, it does not matter if your staircase is curved or straight – there is a model to fit any-and-every home, regardless of the structural layout.

Mobility Ramp

Despite not being the most glamorous unit to feature on this list, mobility ramps have proven themselves time-and-again to be one of the most effective products currently on the market. Easily identifiable, due to their sheer size, these concrete units are designed to enable wheelchair and mobility scooter users to enter-and-exit their property’s unaided. The reason why this is so important is that it eliminates an individual’s reliance on carers and loved ones – though this may seem minor, people that are in this type of situation will testify to the profound effect that this can have.


Anyone that has been suffering from mobility-related issues for some time will tell you that even the most mundane of tasks, such as getting in-and-out of a sofa, can prove to be incredibly difficult. That being said, there is now an incredibly efficient way in which to negate this obstacle, and that is to purchase a riser-recliner. At first glance, you may think that this is an ordinary armchair. However, underneath the upholstery you will find a mechanical masterpiece, which drastically reduces the level of discomfort you are forced to endure.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters, over the past few years, have seen their popularity sky-rocket; in truth, this should come as no-surprise, as there have been major improvements made to their overall functionality. The range, for instance, has been boosted, in order to allow for longer and more satisfying excursions. Not only this, but some chassis’ can be disassembled with ease, ensuring that they can be transported in vehicles to destinations which are further afield.

How can we be of assistance?

As you can see, if you are someone that has difficulties relating to their mobility in Ireland, there are countless ways that you can look to improve your personal circumstances. Some of you may feel as if you would be best-suited to buying a walking aid, as this could help with longer journeys away from the home. Alternatively, you might wish to try and make your property wheelchair-accessible, ensuring that you no-longer have to rely on help from others. Whichever course of action you deem most-appropriate, you can be sure of one thing – Irish Stairlifts will provide you with an outcome that puts a smile on your face. If you wish to speak to our customer service team regarding any of the options that feature on this list, we ask that you follow the instructions conveniently laid out on our website’s contact page.