How Wet Rooms Can Empower People Who Struggle with Mobility

If you or a loved one are starting to struggle with mobility, areas of your home that used to be easy to navigate such as stairs or bathrooms, may now seem more challenging and even quite hazardous. Bathrooms are an essential aspect of our daily routine and not being able to use the bathroom in a way that is easy or safe, can impact these routines, potentially leading to problems with hygiene and health. By installing a wetroom in Ireland, this could be the ideal solution for those who struggle to use typical bathroom amenities, and require more support. 

Features of a Wet Room

Before we look at how disabled wet rooms can empower those who struggle with mobility, let’s explore some of the different elements of a wet room. Wet rooms in Ireland are waterproof areas that feature floor-level access showers that gently slope so the water flows towards the drain. Other features can include shower seats and grab rails to enhance safety and ease of access. 

A Safe Environment

A wetroom is a great way to empower those with mobility struggles because it can help them to once again feel safe in their own home. Floor-level access showers remove the need to step up and balance to get into the shower, and non-slip tiles, grab rails and shower seats are additional safety measures to help reduce the risk of slips and falls, helping you or your loved one feel safer when showering and get the extra support required when washing yourself. 

Independence, Confidence and Dignity

Needing someone else to help you while you shower can feel embarrassing, vulnerable and feel like a loss of confidence, dignity and independence. The ease of access, manoeuvring and safety features that disabled wet rooms can provide, can help you feel safer as you move around your bathroom and use the differen amenities. 

Wet rooms allow you to complete your daily hygiene tasks in a more independent manner, which can be a great sense of accomplishment and could be just the boost of confidence that you or a relative needs; self-confidence can be great for your well-being and mental health. 

Personalised to Your Needs

Mobility struggles can come in a range of different forms, but the great thing about wet rooms is that there is a range of designs available, and the versatility allows you to get the support that will be most beneficial to you and your needs. Having your wetroom tailored to your needs and accommodating your mobility struggles allows you to face them head-on, empowering you each time you use your bathroom. 

Safe yet Stylish

When we think of disabled wet rooms, our first thought goes to functionality, but this doesn’t mean disregarding aesthetics. There are so many different wetroom designs and decor options that can meet personal aesthetic preferences. 

You can also create an ambience for your wetroom; mosiac tile designs and lighting options, and other features can exude a calming and relaxing vibe that not only provides practical benefits but looks fantastic as well. 

The relaxing vibe of your wetroom can also be helpful for your well-being, creating a space that you feel comfortable in rather than worried about or afraid of, again helping you to feel empowered within your own home. 

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Disabled wet rooms can be a fantastic mobility aid, providing the necessary support for people to access and move around their bathroom more safely and easily; however, emotional benefits shouldn’t be overlooked – the growth in confidence, and feelings of accomplishment, confidence and empowerment, can be fantastic for mental health and wellbeing. 

Here at ISB Mobility, we have the means to help those looking to install wet rooms in Ireland. We are experts and approved council installers and have provided our wet room services for more than 20 years, since 1999. We provide exceptional levels of service and use first-class products for our installations, and with our affordable prices, we can offer great value for money. 

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