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Struggling with mobility problems can create challenges in everyday life, but with the fantastic range of disability aids and technology, getting the support you need with your mobility is incredibly beneficial. The range of disability aids available is vast, catering to different aspects of life, but all are designed to achieve the same core principles of keeping you as safe as possible when moving around and giving back independence. In this post, we’ll be exploring four different types of disability aids and how advantageous they could be in your life. 

Mobility Scooters

When someone struggles with mobility, navigating their own home can be tricky, let alone going out and travelling around to different places. Not being able to leave the house without assistance can impact social connections and engagements, leading to a feeling of isolation. Loneliness can be very detrimental to mental health, so it’s incredibly important to take steps to reduce this risk. Mobility scooters can help to give you the freedom you want outside of your home. 

Being able to get out of your home, engage with your community and carry out your own daily routine and tasks can be great for staying physically and mentally active. There is a fantastic range of mobility scooters, including folding options. The ability to fold down your scooter allows the opportunity to travel further afield, as you can bring it onto public transport or in the boot of the car. 

Home Lifts

Living in a multi-storey house with mobility struggles can be very challenging with the presence of stairs. If you are physically unable to climb the stairs or avoid doing it for fear of getting injured, an entire floor of your home becomes out of reach, confining you to the lower level. 

Stairlifts and through-floor lifts allow you to regain access to the upper floors of your home without the daunting challenge of climbing the stairs. This could be a fantastic choice for those looking to age in place in their homes, rather than moving to a care home or moving to a single-storey property, both of which can create stressful upheaval that could take a toll on mental health. 


Bringing disability aids into your home is important, but outside the property must also be considered as well, so that your access is not limited to getting in and out of your home. Installing ramps gives you the confidence to leave your home and return without struggling to navigate steps; you can simply roll your wheelchair or mobility scooter up and down the ramp and get on with your day. Again, these types of disability aids are great for keeping a sense of autonomy and independence, making it not only a practical addition to the house, but also beneficial for mental health and wellbeing. 

Bathroom Equipment

Bathrooms can be incredibly dangerous places for those with mobility problems but are also unavoidable. Luckily, there is a wide range of disability aids that can be added to your bathroom to reduce the risks of slips and falls. 

Disability bathrooms can include things such as raised toilets, walk-in baths, and floor-level showers, all of which are designed to provide you with an easier way to carry out your personal and hygiene needs so you aren’t exerting yourself or putting yourself in a position where you could overbalance and fall.

 Disability bathrooms can also have grab rails and non-slip flooring to help give that extra support when navigating a space that becomes slippery when wet, again helping to reduce the risk of falling down. 

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