On the face of it, you may think that the matter regarding why people use wheelchairs is rather self-explanatory. However, the fact of the matter is that there are various reasons which could mean that you are looking to purchase one of these units. If you are interested in educating yourself further on this particular subject, we suggest that you heed the explanations offered by the Irish Stairlifts’ team down below – we hope that this helps you.


A natural part of life, you cannot forever ignore the prospect that you will eventually get older. As the years advance, you will undoubtedly notice that your body begins to struggle to conduct tasks which, in the past, will have been second-nature. Case-and-point, travelling to the shops could become a journey that you are unable to make without taking regular rest breaks. If you would like to resolve this particular issue, it would be unwise to rule-out obtaining a wheelchair. Rest-assured your friends and family will gladly offer you any assistance that you require.

Recovery Aid

For those of you that have undergone major surgery in the past, you can testify to the way in which this drains your body of energy. Depending on the type of operation, it might be that you are prescribed a period of rest; this is not something that you will want to ignore. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of making a full recovery, you might want to look into the prospect of hiring a wheelchair on a short-term basis. Even if this is only for a few weeks, the results which will make themselves evident are not to be taken for granted.

Social Occasion

Understandably, you might be a little confused by this heading – after all, there are various social occasions that one might go to throughout their life. However, this is directly in relation to the outings that mean that you are out-and-about for an extended period of time. In instances such as these, disabled individuals may feel as if they are slightly put to the side, and this is certainly not a desirable outcome. If this has happened to you before, a fantastic way to resolve this is to start using a wheelchair.

Permanent Disability

In some instances, if a person learns that they are never going to be able to walk again, they may investigate the possibility of using a mobility scooter on a daily basis. However, there are some flaws to this plan – namely, the fact that it requires the use of the arms, as well as a degree of awareness. If this is not possible, the next-best thing is to utilise a wheelchair. Although simple, it can ensure that friends and family members are able to push, taking the burden away from the afflicted. 

How Can We Assist You?

Are you someone that has, for a number of years, been trying to deal with problems relating to your mobility in Ireland, and want to do business with a company that can provide you with reasonably-priced solutions? Have you been trying to upgrade your sub-par wheelchair with a model that is durable and portable? In respect to both of these statements, Irish Stairlifts is ideally-suited to providing you with the help that you need. Courtesy of the twenty years that we have worked in this field, we are in possession of a stunning catalogue that features only the best. Aside from our products, it is our customer service that routinely garners praise – you can speak to our support team by emailing us directly at showroom@irishstairlifts.ie.