Ergo 115 Self Propel Wheelchair

Despite the fact that they have been around for a number of years, the fact of the matter is that wheelchairs remain one of the most widely-used mobility accessories around the globe. Although they are perhaps not quite as stylish as some of their more-modern counterparts, they continue to be effective in the field. For those of you entertaining the idea of buying one of these units, you may be interested in reading through the list of considerations that ISB Mobility has put together down below.

Is It Electrically Powered?

In times gone by, wheelchairs were usually found in a manual capacity; there would be two large wheels on either side of the frame, as well as handles that are used by a friend or family member for propulsion. However, manufacturers have started to implement electrical drives into the make-up of the units, which can allow you to remain independent whilst going about your business. As time goes on, this will be a feature that will continue to leave you with a sense of deep satisfaction.

Can It Be Transported?

Contrary to popular belief, not all wheelchairs feature the ability to be folded up into a compact shape, in order to make transporting it more-convenient. If this feature is not present on your proposed unit, now might be the time to look elsewhere. A folding wheelchair is by far-and-away the most-popular model that you can find on the market, even when compared to motor-propelled wheelchairs – this should give you an insight into how highly the rest of the disabled community values this aspect of a unit.

Will It Cater To Your Physicality?

Without being disrespectful, it is important that you take into account your size and stature when browsing through any range of wheelchairs. This is particularly relevant if you are above-average in the height department, or are perhaps slightly broader in the shoulders. If you tick either of these boxes, the standard type of wheelchair may not be particularly comfortable for you to use. In scenarios such as these, you may wish to commission the creation of a bespoke unit that is tailored to your measurements.

Should You Look For Another Option?

Whilst there is certainly nothing wrong with sticking to a long-standing tradition and opting for a wheelchair, after a little bit of research you might find that this is perhaps not the best course of action to take. In the world of mobility accessories, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Case-and-point, if you routinely enjoy being able to travel about the countryside under your own steam, a mobility scooter might represent a better-suited investment. These can go further distances on a single charge, and are renowned for the safety features which they are equipped with. We certainly believe that, in some scenarios, these exceed the capabilities of even the best electric wheelchairs.

We’re Here To Help

If you are someone that is planning on buying a wheelchair, it is vitally important that you take what we have said into account. Failure to do so could result in you being left with a product that, to put it mildly, is ill-suited to catering to your needs. As a person that is interested in acquiring mobility aids, now might be the perfect time to enlist the help of ISB Mobility. Whether you are an existing wheelchair user that wants to upgrade to a mobility scooter, or simply believe that a powered wheelchair will be more-effective than your walking stick, we won’t fail in putting a smile on your face. More about our services can be learned by chatting to a member of our team on 01 616 7079.