Up-and-down the country, you may have noticed the increased number of domestic properties which have wheelchair and scooter ramps installed at the front – there are a number of reasons for this. Whilst their quality has never been in doubt, the issues in the past have related to their availability. Thanks to companies such as Irish Stairlifts, this type of problem has begun to disappear. Should you be wondering why it is that this could be a worthwhile investment, the explanations that you require can be found below.

Installed with Ease

Provided that you enlist the help of a contractor that has an abundance of experience in this particular field, you should not encounter any issues during the installation process. Although there are a wide-range of sizes from which to choose from, any first-class company will be able to complete the work with ease. It does not matter whether you are getting a permanent cement installation, or opting for a temporary portable ramp. If the company in question has the equipment and expertise necessary, the work will be finished without a hitch.

Grants Greater Independence

Whilst we are certainly not saying that installing a wheelchair ramp will automatically solve the various hurdles encountered by mobility-challenged individuals, they certainly make things significantly easier. With this type of installation, you can say goodbye to the days where you rely on others to carry shopping into your property. As long as you have a scooter with adequate storage, you will be able to smoothly-and-seamlessly transition into your home without a second thought.

Helps to Improve Privacy

Although this may not be the first thought that comes to mind, it is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations to keep in mind when investing in a wheelchair ramp. Most disabled individuals rely on help from those close to them, or have resorted to bringing in assistance from a third-party. There is nothing wrong with this, but we are sure that you would prefer to be able to live your life as independently as possible. If you opt to have a wheelchair ramp installed, you will subsequently find that you can spend a longer period of your day operating solo.

Why Work With Irish Stairlifts?

If you have spent any meaningful amount of time searching the Internet for providers of wheelchair ramps, you will be well-aware of the number of companies that claim to being experts in this particular field. However, if you truly want to be the beneficiary of top-tier work, the wisest move would be to collaborate with Irish Stairlifts. There are few companies that can profess to having the same level of materials as we do, not the expertise of our workforce. Why not check out some of the glowing testimonials that feature on our Trustpilot page – they will be sure to convince you of our capabilities.

Irish Stairlifts – Who Are We?

Having been founded in 1999, we have spent the last twenty one years developing and fine-tuning our abilities within the mobility industry. Our services are consistently high-quality, regardless of the job that you solicit us for. For some individuals, this means supplying mobility scooters that can easily-and-efficiently traverse the outside world. In other instances, we have been known to manufacture and install access ramps at domestic properties.


Our abilities are wide-ranging, and reflect the diverse audience that we appeal to. Are you thinking of getting a threshold ramp that aids with disabled access, but first have some questions that you would like to have addressed? To chat to one of our experts, we suggest either writing to us directly at showroom@irishstairlifts.ie, or calling us on 045 892696 – we can’t wait to hear from you.