Over the past few years, there has been a huge influx in the number of people, within Ireland, that are looking to invest in a stairlift. These cost-effective units mean that you do not need to endanger yourself when trying to navigate the staircase within your home. However, what you may not realise is that you do not necessarily need to purchase one of these units. Having been working with a vast-range of stairlifts for more than twenty years, Irish Stairlifts is ideally-suited to explaining the various reasons that might call for you to hire a stairlift.

Temporary Guest

It may be that it is not, in fact, you that is looking to utilise a stairlift, but someone that you have coming to stay with you. Perhaps your elerly parents are long-overdue a visit to your home, but no-longer have the physical capabilities to travel up-and-down stairs with ease. Rather than having to constantly worry about their safety, a better solution could be to rent a straight stairlift for a short space of time. This small investment could certainly have life-saving implications during your relatives stay.

Short Term Injury

There are countless different injuries which could mean that you are not quite as mobile as you typically are. It might be that you have undergone surgery to fix a long-standing problem, and subsequently find yourself incapable of walking as you normally would. Alternatively, you may have been partaking in a sporting activity which, through no fault of your own, has led to being prescribed a period of rest. No matter the circumstances, a short-term hire of a stairlift might be just the answer that you so desperately-need.

Insurance Reasons

Though you may not realise it, there are some insurance companies that will dictate, either due to your current medical situation or age, that they will only continue to cover you if you install a stairlift. However, if you can negotiate a contract which involves only a temporary installation, due to the fact that you are slowly-but-surely recovering, you might find that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Which Stairlift Is For You?

For those of you that have recognised that getting a stairlift installed using a monthly rental service is the ideal route to go down, you now have an important decision to make. Namely, ascertaining which unit is best-suited to your current environment. The Thyssen Straight, for example, can slot into almost-any property with ease, whilst the Ultimate Curved Stairlift represents the pinnacle of engineering in this particular field. There is arguably no right-or-wrong answer; instead, it is about personal preferences.

Can We Help You?

In truth, there are a vast number of reasons as to why you may be looking at rental schemes for stairlifts, rather than getting a stairlift fitted permanently. It may be that you simply do not have the finances to be able to handle the extra costs associated with buying a stairlift; perhaps you are only going to be off of your feet for a short while, and so need temporary assistance. Whatever your motivation may be, one thing is for certain – you won’t be disappointed with the options provided to you by Irish Stairlifts.

To us, it does not matter if your current home’s layout dictates that you need a straight stairlift, or you are looking for a curved stairlift that can handle the obstacle of a landing. Our mission is to supply you with top-of-the-range units at prices which are considered to be affordable. For those of you looking to make an enquiry, be it regarding our stairlift rental service or the installation charges that are involved, we suggest taking a moment to visit our website’s contact page.