Buying a Mobility Scooter

Arguably the most quintessential disability aid currently found in the world, mobility scooters have quickly become a highly sought-after commodity, and for good reason. The list of benefits associated with these products is seemingly endless, and it comes as no surprise that you may be entertaining the idea of making a purchase. However, prior to proceeding any further, you may wish to have the advantages laid out to you by experts, and this is where ISB Mobility can play an important role. To gain some insight into the matter, we suggest continuing your reading below.

Greater Degree of Independence

As you may have already presumed, one of the most prominent benefits associated with mobility products is that they provide the afflicted individual with more of a chance to retain their independence. In times gone by, people that struggle to walk, or move by themselves, would be forced to rely on assistance from loved ones or carers. Thankfully, investing in a mobility scooter negates this issue entirely. Now, you are able to conduct simple errands, or enjoy excursions, under your own steam, without a care in the world.

Safeguards Users

Whicher unit you opt to purchase from the wide-range of mobility scooters currently available on the market, you can be sure that they will be equipped with the latest safety measures. Undoubtedly, this will feature a seatbelt, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be anti-tip hardware installed which ensures that the ride will be smooth. In comparison to struggling to walk unaided, which could lead to serious injuries, this is a considerably better alternative, and certainly worth the money that you will spend.

Faster Travel Times

Whilst electric wheelchairs are still frequently spotted in public, there is one major flaw which cannot be overlooked, and this is the minute size of the battery that is fitted. The low voltage means that it can take an incredibly long time to travel between locations, and this can cause users to become irritated that they are lagging behind their friends and family members. Thankfully, there is a solution to this that is incredibly simple, and that is to invest in a mobility scooter. Most models that you find in general circulation have a top speed of around eight miles per hour, and this is more-than sufficient. 

Simple Controls

If you were to get up-close and personal with a modern mobility scooter, it would quickly become apparent that, in terms of usability, there is very little to dislike. The controls can be picked up with ease – in essence, the only things that you need to be aware of are the steering handles, and the throttle that is equipped to this bar. Their maneuverability means that  they can be utilised in various locations, and this degree of flexibility is something that sets them apart as premium products. 

A Quick Introduction to ISB Mobility

When it comes to locating a retailer that has a top-tier selection of mobility scooters in Ireland, and can subsequently sell them to you at prices which are competitive-yet-affordable, the only name that you need to know is that of ISB Mobility. Having been in operation since 1999, we have since been involved in countless projects up-and-down the country, all of which have come to satisfying conclusions. 

Due to the importance of this investment, it is understandable that you may wish to discuss your individual requirements with a member of our team. There are two options available to you should you wish to pursue this course of action; either write to us using the form on our contact page, or ring us directly at +353 45 892696.