In recent years, one mobility product above all others has begun to see its popularity rise to unprecedented levels, and it is easy to see why. Straight and curved stairlifts have seen their designs become more compact, meaning that they are not an eyesore to behold; not only this, but they are now easier than ever to use. Having spent the last twenty years acting as a retailer for stairlifts, Irish Stairlifts are well-placed to elaborate as to why these units are selling faster than ever before.

Excellent at Preventing Injuries

When it comes to the primary demographic that stairlifts are marketed to, those of a more elderly persuasion are typically the intended targets, and there is a good reason for this. As you get older, your body begins to lose some of its capabilities – tasks which you previously perceived as simple, such as walking up-and-down the stairs, become increasingly difficult. Thankfully, there is an easy way around this, and that is to purchase a straight or curved stairlift.

Allows Retention of Independence

If you were to ask anyone that has already invested in a stairlift as to what was the main reason they acquired one of these units, undoubtedly the most popular answer would be in regards to the vast increase in independence. No longer does travelling between floors mean that you need to ask help from a friend or family member. Regardless of whether you purchase a straight stairlift, or opt for a more complex stairlift solution in the form of a curved model, you will immediately begin to enjoy a new lease of life, thanks to the independence that you now have.

Relatively Cheap Solution

For some people, the upfront cost involved in obtaining a stairlift can be enough to put them off of this course of action; however, if you compare the price to that which is involved in the alternatives, you will notice that this could be a wise move. Were you to relocate to a property that has already been converted to be mobility-friendly, you would find that your expenses would be considerably higher. If you are trying to adhere to a strict budget, it could be that a reconditioned stairlift is something that could solve your issues.

Improved Mental State

As mentioned previously, one of the primary benefits typically associated with stairlifts is the fact that they allow someone to traverse flights of stairs unaided. However, there is a knock-on advantage to this, in the form of a drastic upturn in a person’s mood and mental state. By not being reliant on a carer for assistance, the individual in question will cease to worry about being a potential burden to their loved ones. Although perhaps not the most obvious benefit, this is certainly not something which should be forgotten about.

Need Some Additional Support?

Are you tired of trawling the Internet, trying to find a stairlift in Dublin that can be supplied and installed by an experienced firm? Would you like to use the services of a stairlift installer that will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote before you journey further? To those of you that can relate to either of the aforementioned scenarios, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Irish Stairlifts. We are pleased to inform you that we operate in Dublin and throughout Ireland, meaning that more-and-more individuals are able to take advantage of our services. If you have any questions regarding our products, please use our website’s contact information to speak to one of our customer service representatives. Their answers should provide you with the peace-of-mind that you seek.