If you were under the impression that buying a mobility scooter would be a simple and straightforward process, guess again. With the market currently exploding with different brands and models, it has perhaps never been more-difficult to narrow down the field to a single unit that can fulfil your requirements. During your browsing of ranges of mobility scooters, it is important that you keep certain considerations in mind. Here to highlight what these are, and hopefully give you a better-chance of experiencing a satisfactory outcome, are the ISB Mobility experts.  

How much storage is there?

When you first cast your eye over travel scooters, it will immediately become apparent that these are not designed to be used when you are trying to transport numerous bags and luggage in a single trip. Depending on the type of activities that you like to partake in during your free time, it could be that you need to purchase a scooter which has under-seat storage and an additional front-facing basket. As time goes on, you will become increasingly grateful that you spent a little more money on a unit that is blessed with storage options.

What type of range does it offer?

Most people would agree that mobility scooters are ideal for when you wish to pop down to the shops or meet up with friends; however, they are not always praised for longer excursions. That being said, it is possible for you to find models that are fitted with large batteries, with the sole purpose of this being to allow for improved exploration. Whatsmore, it is these units that typically feature thicker tyres, meaning that you could potentially engage in off-road trips. 

Can it be easily-transported?

Initially, you might not give too much thought to whether or not your prospective mobility scooter can fold-up. After-all, the majority of the time will see you operating it directly from your home. However, there will be occasions where you and the rest of your family wish to travel further afield, and this is where a compact unit comes into its own. It would be unwise, then, to base your final decision solely on size, as it could cause complications further down the line.

How much money are you working with?

Although you may think that you have identified the travel mobility scooter that meets all of your criteria, it is possible that you are disappointed towards the end of the process. The reason for this is that you have not factored-in the budget that you are able to take advantage of. Some retailers, it must be noted, are more-than happy to offer payment options, such as monthly installments. If this is not the case, you should look to keep yourself grounded, particularly if your financial situation is not great.

Breaking Down Your Options

It is one thing to recognise the different features that you would like your ideal mobility scooter to have; it is another to locate a retailer that specialises in mobility scooters in Ireland, which can present a large catalogue through which you can browse. Not only will you want for your brand-new mobility unit to have excellent range, but it also needs to satisfy your visual requirements. If you have never-before shopped with ISB Mobility, it is important that you know that our wide-range of mobility products are second-to-none from a quality perspective. If you drop us an email at showroom@irishstairlifts.ie today, we will gladly provide you with a rundown of our services free of charge – we cannot wait to hear from you.