It cannot be stressed enough that the process of buying a wheelchair is not one to be rushed. This is a product which will be an integral part of your life, and as such it is wise to take caution in your selection. There is a vast range of wheelchairs on the market, all of which are better suited to specific individuals. This is where the team here at ISB Mobility can offer a valuable service. Having amassed years worth of experience in this industry, we are pleased to be able to provide some guidance on what factors to consider when purchasing.

Is it portable enough?

It is imperative to consider this factor before purchasing a wheelchair. Due to the differing needs of wheelchair users, it is important to recognise that no one model is right for everyone. For example, if you are someone that is bound to a wheelchair permanently, it is vital to invest in a product which is portable. This means that you will want to ensure that the unit is relatively light, so that others will be able to easily fold it, and subsequently put it into a car. However, if you typically use a mobility scooter out of the home, a heavier and sturdier wheelchair may suffice for use within a designated property.

Does it need to be pushed?


Once again, this is a factor which will have different answers for different people. Should you not have the necessary upper-body strength, or do not have full-use of your arms, the likelihood is that you will need to buy a wheelchair with easily-accessible handles. This will allow attendants, be it a friend or family, to push you with ease. However, if you are looking to retain your independence, you need to ensure that there are protruding rims attached to the wheels. This will allow you to propel yourself under your own strength.


Is it compatible with your body?

Whilst it is true to say that many wheelchairs are ‘one size fits all’, it is an important consideration to take into account. Should you be someone that is rather tall, you will not only need to ensure that you are sufficiently raised above the ground, but also that there is enough support present in the back rest. Similarly, if you are someone with a stockier build and is relatively heavy, for the sake of safety it is important to check that stability will never become an issue.

Manual or electric?

Although there are some people that consider electrically-powered wheelchairs to be in a category of their own, we believe that they are similar enough to be compared. This is typically a matter of personal preference; if you are searching for a more deluxe model, and want to take the strain off of yourself and those around you, it may be wise to purchase an electrically-propelled wheelchair. However, it is important to stress that there is nothing wrong with opting for a more traditional model.

How can we be of assistance?


Are you living in Ireland, and have been overwhelmed in trying to find a quality wheelchair for sale? Do you want this problem to be efficiently-and-effectively taken care of? If so, you are in luck – ISB Mobility is here to help. We are proud to have a catalogue of products which is extensive, as this allows us to cater to the requirements of a broader audience. To us, it does not matter if you would like to buy a simple manual wheelchair, or if you have a larger budget and wish to splash out on a more elaborate model. Our mission is simply to ensure that you are left smiling-and-satisfied. To find out more, we ask that you visit the contact page on our website – from here, you will be able to easily reach one of our representatives.