Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with investing in a mobility aid; after all, this can have a profound impact on your overall outlook on life. Rather than having to rely on the help of those close to you, you can enjoy doing things at your own pace, with assistance of high-quality products. If you would like to learn about mobility products which are currently flying off the shelves, listen to the words of the Irish Stairlifts’ specialists.

Mobility Ramps

Whilst mobility ramps may not be considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing type of mobility aid on the market, their effectiveness should never be underestimated. An increasingly large number of homeowners are investing in these units, as they are a fantastic way in which to improve a person’s level of independence. Their gentle gradient ensures that they can be used by wheelchair users and those with walking sticks alike. The railings which are typically installed alongside these ramps ensure that your health and safety is safeguarded.


Most individuals that have already taken the step of investing in a stairlift will testify to their effectiveness within the modern home. Unfortunately, as the years go by, it gets harder-and-harder to travel up-and-down the stairs without exerting considerable amounts of energy. Thankfully, there is a solution to this which is cost-effective in price, whilst first-class in execution. Over the past twenty years, stairlifts have become highly sought-after, and for good reason. With straight stairlifts designed for more simplistic layouts, and curved stairlifts being more appropriate for complex properties with tiered landings, you can be sure that there is a product for everyone.


If you were to conduct a poll regarding the mobility aid that most-notably enhances the quality of your daily living conditions, it is hard to look past a wetroom as the most popular response. Those of you that are living with a disability will surely agree that it can be incredibly difficult to use a bathroom that has not had any modifications or alterations take place. Examples of some of the key features of wetrooms include, but are certainly not limited to, such things as level-access showers and support rails next to the toilet. Both of these can make your experience one that is hassle-free.


A relatively new innovation, the riser-recliner can now be found in countless homes in the country; no longer will you be forced to struggle to sit on the sofa within your living room. Although some people would argue that this does not constitute a mobility aid, we ask that you contemplate the function that this type of product performs. Its range of motions ensure that those who are mobilely-challenged are not forced to put themselves into compromising and potentially painful positions when the time comes to sit back and relax.

Irish Stairlifts – Here to Help You

Do you live in Northern Ireland, and want to purchase a product that drastically improves your overall condition of living? Have you been finding it difficult to source mobility aids in Ireland which are of sufficient quality to use in a safe manner? When it comes to locating a company that can offer assistance to those in either of the aforementioned scenarios, the only name to come to mind should be that of Irish Stairlifts. With a large catalogue of units to choose from, consisting of walking aids and mobility scooters alike, it isn’t difficult to see why we are one of the leading firms within this industry. Should you have any queries relating to our operations, we ask that you use the contact methods outlined on our website to get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you.