What Are The Best Curved Stairlifts To Purchase?

Getting older is a natural part of life. With ageing, however, comes a problem; the joints begin to stiffen, and getting around becomes a little bit more difficult. Older people may find that what is perceived as a simple act, like climbing a straight staircase, requires much more exertion than it used to. This is where curved stairlifts can provide a valuable service, for a price which, whilst competitive, is affordable.

As a company at the forefront of the mobility industry, and with a wide range of related products, Irish Stairlifts is pleased to explain why you should consider obtaining a stairlift for your home.

Thyssen Curved

If you are desiring a product which simultaneously combines pleasing aesthetics, which efficiency and practicality, you need look no further than the Thyssen Curved Stairlift. You do not need to worry about this unit taking up too much space, or being an eyesore; it’s folding footrest and seat ensure that it remains compact when not in use. With various customisation options available to the user, such as the material of the chair, and the colour of the upholstery, when you purchase this you can truly make it part of your home.

Platinum Curved

To those people who are looking for a unit that does not greatly impact or impede their staircases’ space, we are pleased to inform you that your search is over – the Platinum Curved Stairlift will fulfill your needs proficiently. The seat has been crafted meticulously, so as to ensure that it is ergonomically supportive of the users back. Safety is also taken care of adeptly, with a retractive seatbelt coming as standard.

Ultimate Curved

When it comes to a stairlift which is unmatched not only in its appearance, but also in its functionality, there is only one. The Ultimate Curved Stairlift has been designed for those who favour the luxurious things in life; in order to provide the optimum experience, the user has complete control over how the unit operates. If you want to enjoy a smooth journey through your home, whilst retaining your style and sophistication, this is the stairlift for you.

Looking for something different?

To those people that are saying that their home contains a narrow staircase which does not bend, you do not need to worry. Alongside curved stairlifts, there are a great many straight stairlifts on the market that will not disappoint. From the more simplistic Elan Straight Stairlift, to the high-end Thyssen Straight Stairlift, you can be sure that there is something for everyone.

What can we do for you?

For many years, should someone have been searching for a premium stairlift supplier, the first name that would come to mind would be that of Irish Stairlift. We are proud to have a vast collection of mobility stairlifts, all of which are able to cater to various requirements. We ensure that our units come from only the finest stairlift manufacturers, in order to maintain our reputation as a first-class stairlift company.

If your interest has been piqued, and you would like to arrange a free, no-obligation quote into any one of our stairlifts in Ireland, there are a number of ways in which you can get in touch. To speak to one of our operatives over the phone, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 045 892696. Should you wish to discuss any one of our other mobility aids, such as walking frames, you can write to us. Simply send us an e-mail at showroom@irishstairlifts.ie, or complete and submit the form situated on our website’s contact page.