Are you searching for somewhere to purchase walking sticks in Dublin? Here at ISB Mobility, we have a vast range of mobility aids for our customers to choose from. We strive to give our customers the very best in mobility products and also advice through our comprehensive combination of product knowledge and excellent customer service.


Unfortunately, as people get older they often struggle with having poor balance. This can be due to loss of muscle strength and joint flex­ibility, as well as reduced vision and reaction time. The lack of balance can also mean that people fall more frequently. As we grow older the risks associated with falling over become greater, we lose physical strength and bone density and we take longer to recover from a fall. This is why many elderly people choose to use a mobility aid such as walking sticks in Dublin.


Along with walking sticks in Dublin, people often choose to use other similar mobility aids such as rollators and walkers. There are so many benefits to using all of these mobility aids, aside from the fact that they provide support when walking and standing many people are unaware of the other benefits. All forms of walking aids give you an additional point of contact with the floor widening your base of support and lessening the weight bearing on your lower limbs. Premium quality walking aids are also very helpful in reducing knee stress along with stress from ankles, hips and spines. The confidence something as small as walking sticks in Dublin can give to elderly people will make such a big impact on their life. Someone that may usually avoid going out on their own without having the support of a friend or family member may now have the courage to start going out by themselves again.


If you personally struggle to stand for a long time and for example, if you were waiting for a bus would need to sit down then we would always recommend you take a look at our Lightweight 4 Wheel Rollator or our Treaka Rollator. Both of these walking aids also double up as a seat. They can support you at all times and even have a specific place for any shopping or personal items so you don’t have to worry about carrying anything while you’re out and about.


You can view our full range of walking aids on our website along with our wide range of other mobility aids. You will find numerous pictures of all of our walking aids including our walking sticks in Dublin as well as a detailed description of the item. If you have any unanswered questions after viewing our walking aids online please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be able to answer these for you.