The Mobility Scooter Features That You Cannot Do Without

In case you hadn’t already noticed, there is a growing number of individuals across Ireland that are beginning to take advantage of mobility scooters. These products have come a long way in recent years, and they are certainly becoming a staple amongst the disabled community. However, it can sometimes be difficult to discern the types of features that your ideal unit has. This is where ISB Mobility can provide you with some much-needed assistance; our specialist expertise means that we can guide you through aspects that you don’t want to leave out.

Large Tyres

In fairness, not everyone will be able to benefit from large tyres – this is something that is wholly dependent on the type of usage that you are planning to get out of your mobility scooter. For those of you that are planning on heavy-duty journeys, it is imperative that you invest in larger tyres. These will, in essence, allow you to explore in a different fashion to traditional road scooters. Rather than stick to pathways, you can instead opt to do whatever you see fit.

Built-In Canopy

If you have owned a mobility scooter for a number of years, you may have already looked into the possibility of purchasing a canopy that you can install onto your existing unit. Whilst this is a valid option, from an aesthetic perspective it may not be quite to your liking. Thankfully, this is not something you have to overly concern yourself with, as it is now possible to invest in units that have these as a built-in feature. This will subsequently allow you to drive outdoors whenever you see fit, regardless of the weather.


Though you may not feel as if it is the most stylish feature in the world, you would be well-served by having a basket at the front of your mobility scooter. This will greatly improve the storage options available to you, and ensures that you no longer have to worry about asking for people you are with to carry certain items. In terms of independence, this is a feature that is incredibly important – you will be pleased to hear that this can adorn both portable scooters, and those that are designed for longer distances.


There will undoubtedly be some of you reading this that believe that all mobility scooters currently on the market are equipped with lights as-standard; unfortunately, this is not the case. Should you be looking to regularly go on nighttime excursions, it is imperative that you check to see if your prospective purchase has headlights. Not only this, but you might wish to look for signals and indicators as well, as these will improve your safety immeasurably.

ISB Mobility – Here To Help

Have you been trying to find a way in which to make your life easier, and feel as if an electric mobility scooter could be the solution that you have been desperately seeking? Interested in collaborating with a company that possesses a wide range of mobility scooters for sale, all of which come from leading brands? If these accurately summarise your current situation, the chances are that you are well-suited to the services provided by ISB Mobility.

We are a company that strives to be open and transparent with our customers – if you have questions relating to our products, feel free to chat with our team in the customer service department. Their knowledge of our operations is second-to-none, and will gladly provide you with the answers that you seek. All you need to do is follow the helpful contact instructions that are detailed on our website.