In case you were not already aware, here at ISB Mobility we are one of the country’s leading authorities when it comes to products which are related to mobility. For more than twenty years, we have sought to establish a glowing reputation in this industry; in order to make this a reality, we have put together a catalogue unlike any other. Below, we have looked to put together a list of some of the special offers that can currently be found within our collection – we hope that they are to your liking.

Whill Model C

From a visual perspective, this is the type of mobility aid that you would expect to see in science fiction films – this should give you some sort of an indication as to the premium nature of the Whill Model C. Mobility scooters have seen their stock rise dramatically in recent years, the result of which has meant that the units being developed are improving rapidly in terms of quality. The compact frame of this particular model is meant to offer a simple aesthetic that is appealing from every angle. You should also be aware that it can be transported with incredible ease.

Ergo Lite Wheelchair

There may be some of you reading this that suffer from limited mobility; whilst you are fine for large periods of the day, it is impossible for you to undertake longer excursions away from the home. One of the best solutions to this particular problem is to purchase the Ergo Lite Wheelchair. What marks this out as special is the manner in which it can be folded up; the importance of this is that you will never-again find it difficult to take your wheelchair on public transport, or in other vehicles.

Globe Trotter

If you are someone that regularly enjoys being able to explore the great outdoors, but has seen the recent decline in your mobility stop this from being possible, you will be pleased to hear that the solution is simple – invest in a Globe Trotter. In comparison to the majority of other mobility scooters that are available on the market, this stands alone courtesy of the lightweight frame. This is an intentional choice by the manufacturers, as it allows it to be carried by others with relatively little effort. 


In terms of its design, you will be hard-pressed to find a mobility-related unit that is at-all comparable to the Quest. Part of what makes this so intriguing is the large flat base that it has, on top of which you will find a retractable seat. As you may have deduced, this is a product that is marketed primarily at older individuals that, although not fully-disabled, are noticing an increasing number of issues related to their overall mobility capabilities.

Need More Information?

For those of you that have used walking sticks or other types of walking frames in the past, in order to enjoy extra support whilst out-and-about, you may feel as if the time has finally come to spend on an upgrade. The products that have been developed in the last twenty years are immeasurably better from a quality point of view, and you would be foolish to miss out on this type of opportunity. Should you be thinking about buying a walking aid, and want to put your trust into a firm that has demonstrated excellent customer service capabilities, you are in luck – ISB Mobility is here to help. Feel free to call us today kn 045 892696, and talk about any of the aforementioned products in further detail.