The Best Straight Stairlifts On The Market

There are various reasons as to why someone may be looking into the purchasing of a stairlift. No matter the motivating factor, it is important to recognise that modern stairlifts are the way forward, when it comes to ways in which mobility-challenged individuals reach the upper floors of their home. As a premium stairlift supplier, Irish Stairlifts are pleased to offer a breakdown of the best straight stairlifts on the market. To find out more, feel free to continue reading below.

Elite Straight

If you are searching for a stairlift which is not only straight, but supremely comfortable, the Elite Straight is the product for you. You will be hard-pressed to find another model which goes to the same lengths in looking to ensure the user’s comfort is not compromised. With this unit, you are given a high-degree of customisable features, which means that you can set it up in a way which is perfect for you. With the soft-stop feature, you do not need worry about being jerked around – instead, you glide to a halt. This is a stairlift which is fantastic not only when it comes to efficiency, but also durability.

Platinum Straight

For many, the Platinum Straight is considered to be the pinnacle of engineering in the world of straight stairlifts. When you purchase this product, you can finally have peace of mind; no longer will getting up-and-down the stairs constitute as a painful and arduous task. With a maximum load of one hundred and forty kilograms, this is a product that is built to be able to handle any task that comes its way. This stairlift features a digital display and control on the arm, allowing the user to easily navigate the stairlift.

Elan Straight

Should you be looking into buying a stairlift, and would like to obtain a model which does not intrude on the space of your straight stairs, look no further than the Elan Straight. The slim rail, which the stairlift itself is attached to, can be adjusted so that it is only one hundred and twenty seven kilometres away from the wall, ensuring that there is plenty of room. The design is one which looks to embody contemporary-modern; with a sleek chassis, this is certainly not a product to be dismissed lightly.

Thyssen Straight

When it comes to stairlifts which are designed to make the user’s life hassle-free, the answer is simple – the Thyssen Straight. Installed at incredible speed, this is a product which you can get to grips with extremely quickly. The retractable seat belt that comes fitted ensures that the user’s safety is never in any doubt. The joystick controls mean that hardly any thought needs to go into using this product. It is also important to recognise the swiveling chair – this is included so-to make sure that comfort is never compromised.

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