There are some people that, on a daily basis, rely on walking aids to get around without the help of others. Mobility scooters, for example, are fantastic for those that suffer from mobility-related problems, as it allows them to travel to places that would otherwise be inaccessible. However, what many individuals fail to realise is that these problems do not stop within the home. The relatively simple act of getting into a chair, and subsequently getting out of it, can be an arduous task. It is for this reason that more-and-more people are opting to buy a riser-recliner; you can learn more about the most popular of these below, courtesy of the Irish Stairlifts team.

The Admiral Riser-Recliner

If you are searching for a product which you can sink into at the end of a difficult day with ease, and provides you with the comfort that has previously eluded you, you need look no further than The Admiral. With an array of colours available, such as fusion blue and chapel cream, it is extremely easy to blend this piece of furniture in with your existing decor. Not only this, but with an easy-to-use control panel, you will never cease to find new positions to relax in.

The Wendover Riser-Recliner

Should you be someone that is interested in purchasing a dual-motor solution to your problems, it could be that The Wendover is the product for you. For those that didn’t already know, a dual-motor piece means that the footrest and backrest operate independently from one another – this results in the user being able to position themselves in countless different ways. The faux leather that this unit comes upholstered in means that no longer will you be forced to spend hours scrubbing away; maintenance with this is minimal, which makes it ideal for those that face issues with their mobility.

The Kingsley Single Motor Riser-Recliner

When it comes to mobility aids in Ireland that will completely change the standard of your daily living, the only product that should come to mind is that of The Kingsley. Whilst, as opposed to some of the other units on this list, this is only powered by a single motor, what truly allows this product to stand out is the premium materials which are used. The simple controls also means that this is a chair which can be used by anyone. You will be pleased to hear that the colour palette attached to this piece is diverse, giving you plenty of chances to customise.

A Little Background to Riser-Recliners

Although many people believe riser-recliners are a fairly modern innovation, the truth of the matter is that they have been gracing our homes for more than one hundred and fifty years. Originally constructed out of wood, as the standard of living has improved so too have the materials which have been used to construct these pieces of furniture. Footrests have only been introduced in recent years, ensuring that the comfort of the user is taken care of in an efficient-and-effective manner.

How can Irish Stairlifts Help you?

When it comes to firms which are able to provide you with an array of mobility-related products at prices which are competitive-yet-affordable, it is hard to look past Irish Stairlifts as the prime candidate to fulfil your needs. Having first been established in 1999, we have since spent the last twenty one years trying to help those that are mobility-challenged. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to choose a unit which conforms to your needs – it is for this reason that we invite you to get in touch should you have any questions. Our website’s contact page contains all the information that you need.