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Things To Consider When You Want To Buy A Walking Aid


In times gone by, walking frames and other mobility aids were solely designed to be used by members of the older generation – this is because, as the years fly by, a person’s physical capabilities typically tend to deteriorate. However, in the twenty-first century, it is acknowledged that almost anyone could, at one point or another, need assistance from one of these products. Here at ISB Mobility, we believe that we must provide some guidance on the types of things that you need to keep in mind when looking to purchase walking aids. 

Length Of Time Needed

Depending on the motivation behind getting a walking aid, you might simply wish to get a product temporarily. Several companies now offer the possibility of renting mobility aids – this means that, for instance, if you are recovering from surgery, you do not have to remain stuck with a product which, after a few months, will be redundant. Should your ability to walk be permanently compromised, the sensible option would certainly still be to make a purchase. 

Budgetary Capabilities

This is an incredibly important factor that you need to consider – in essence, the amount of money that you have within your budget will establish the quality of the product that you can subsequently afford. For those of you that are looking for something a little cheaper, it may be best to stick to more classic products, such as walking sticks. If, however, you are searching for high-end options, you might like to start browsing through mobility scooters. In either instance, money will be the deciding factor. 

Home Requirements

Initially, your thoughts may be solely centred around improving the way that you get around whilst away from your home. What you cannot overlook, though, is the type of assistance that you might need when you haven’t left the house. A riser-recliner, in case you didn’t know, is an incredible chair that eliminates the struggles associated with getting in and out of a chair. Though not necessarily categorised as a walking aid, this remains a first-class product that may benefit you. 

Quality Of Retailer

Once you have decided on the mobility aid in question that you would like to spend your money on, the next logical step is determining which retailer you want to entrust your physical well-being with. This is not a decision to make lightly and is something that we advise you to do a substantial amount of research on. As a prime example, take a look at the exceptional testimonials that have been left by past clients of ISB Mobility. These reviews are evidence of the top-tier experience that they have been a part of and are an indication that this is a company that you can feel safe with. 

How Can We Be Of Service?

Are you someone that has been using a walking stick for several years, but has now come to the realisation that you would be better suited to having a mobility scooter? Would you like to improve your collection of mobility aids, and think that a height-adjustable stairlift could be just what you have been searching for? If you believe that either of these statements relates to you, your search for a solution has come to an end – ISB Mobility is here to help. 

Within our catalogue, you can expect to find a wide range of walking aids, all of which have proven themselves to be first-class in a practical environment. The twenty-two years that we have been in business should be an indication of our overall proficiency in this industry. If you wish to learn more about our options, we ask that you follow the contact instructions on our website.