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Looking At The Stairlifts That Will Takeoff In 2021

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If you were to conduct a survey regarding the fastest growing products within the mobility industry, the responses would be in unanimous favour of stairlifts. These units are feats of engineering – they are designed to promote safety for the user, whilst simultaneously allowing them to retain their independence within their own home. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain which product is best suited to your needs; this is where ISB Mobility can offer some much-needed assistance. If you continue reading, you can learn our thoughts on the models that are going to take 2021 by storm.

Straight Stairlift – The Elan

Should you be someone that is a fan of simple engineering, and would like to purchase a product that reflects this, it is hard to look past Homeadapt’s Elan as the ideal choice. In case you didn’t already know, this is a model which is designed to execute its function – nothing more, nothing less. With a weight capacity exceeding one hundred and thirty kilograms, it can handle bodies of all shapes and sizes. With a foldable seat, it will also remain compact whilst not in usage, which is a highly desirable feature

Curved Stairlifts – The Flow 2

Though it may not have occurred to you, the fact of the matter is that straight stairlifts are not suitable for installation in properties which feature staircases that are either curved, or feature a landing. Therefore, manufacturers have been forced to get creative, and the result of their labours is the curved stairlift. A fantastic example of one of these units is the Flow 2 – created by one of the leading firms of the mobility industry in Thyssen, this is a product that will stand the test of time. What truly sets this unit apart is the wide array of customisable features that you can take control of.

Straight Stairlift – The HomeGlide

In the world of straight stairlifts, you will be hard-pressed to find a model that can match the luxuriousness that is on show with The HomeGlide. When installed correctly, it will facilitate an experience which can be best summed up as being smooth-and-seamless. The journey up your stairs will be short-lived; however, during this time, you will be left beaming from ear to ear, thanks to the fantastic way in which it operates.

Curved Stairlifts – The Ultimate

When it comes to sourcing a unit which will efficiently-and-effective cater to your needs, you need look no further than The Ultimate. At first glance, it will immediately become apparent that this is a product which epitomises high-quality. Not only has it been crafted in such a way which ensures that you won’t be looking for a replacement anytime in the near future, but it also allows you to set it up in whichever way you see fit. For example, the seat can be swivelled to provide a more comfortable experience, and there are also a range of speed settings that can be used.

Why Should You Choose ISB Mobility?

Are you trying to locate the best stairlift in Ireland, but have so far been left unsuccessful in your search? Do you wish to purchase a stairlift solution that is top-tier in quality, yet does not force you to break the bank? For those of you that said ‘yes’ to either of the aforementioned questions, we are delighted to inform you that your days of scouring the Internet have come to an end. In ISB Mobility, you have a firm which, for the past twenty years, has made it its mission to supply straight and curved stairlifts to those that are most in need. Should you be looking to find out a little more before placing an order, we suggest getting in touch using the contact information that is illustrated on our website – we look forward to hearing from you.