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Highlighting How Ramps Can Help those with Mobility Issues

For those dealing with mobility issues, a disability, or just generally old age – accessing your home, or certain rooms within your home can become a great difficulty. Even getting in and out of your home can be a challenge, and a ramp is a practical solution. Ramps are an essential part of making your home accessible, should you have a wheelchair or a scooter, and they can make everyday activities easier and take away the challenges that you might be facing.

They can also increase safety, and provide you with the independence and confidence that you need to pursue your daily activities. In this post, we discuss how ramps can help those with mobility issues, and allow you to adapt your home to fit your lifestyle. To browse our full range of high-quality house ramps at ISB Mobility, head over to our website today.

  • Making Accessing Your Home Easier 

For those in a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, it can be very challenging to access your home as many of us have a step or a raised floor at the entrance of our homes. Many of us have steps in our homes too, as well as raised landings, and raised showers which can become very difficult to access also. This is where a ramp can help, allowing you to move freely from one place to another without any difficulty getting over a raised step or entrance.

  • Reducing the Risk of Injury 

Injuries and accidents can happen when you are in a wheelchair or scooter, and you are trying to get into certain rooms in your home or the entrance of your home without a ramp. Stairs, curbs, and raised entrances can make it extremely easy for you to injure yourself when you don’t have proper access, which can be potentially life-threatening and especially dangerous for those that live alone. A ramp can help to reduce the risk of injury by providing you with a level surface for accessing rooms in your home, playing a significant role in decreasing the potential for injuries and accidents.

  • Supporting Carers

As well as making accessing your home easier, and reducing the risk of injuries, ramps can also support carers. Not only those in a wheelchair or scooter will benefit from a ramp, but their family, friends, or carers too. Providing support to someone in a wheelchair can be challenging, and without a ramp in place, it can be extremely difficult to get them into their homes and move them around the different rooms. A ramp makes it safer and easier for a carer to help those in a wheelchair move around their home.

Looking to Install a Ramp in your Home?

If you’re looking to install a house ramp in or outside your home, speak to ISB Mobility today? We provide and build ramps to suit your unique requirements, whether you’re searching for a ramp for the entrance to your home, the garden, or the interior of your home, to make accessing your home and its rooms easier, and safer and to help you regain your independence.

We design bespoke ramps that are bespoke to fit your layout of your home and help to make it more accessible for you. Ramps are suitable for a variety of uses, whether you are going to be using them with a mobility scooter or a wheelchair. 

They are built with health and safety in mind and conform to industry standards. As well as installing ramps, we will also provide you with rails and edgings for safety and practicality – which are made of steel, and painted in an anti-rust paint, with the colour of your choice. 

To learn more about having a ramp installed in your home, then get in touch with us today for a quotation. Just fill out our online quotation form, or alternatively, you can give us a call at 01 616 7079 or 045 892 696, or by sending us an email to