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What Type Of Mobility Accessory Could Transform Your Daily Routine?

old couple using mobility Accessories

The sad reality of life is that, as we get older, our bodies slowly-but-surely begin to fail us; no longer do we have as much spring in our step, and there may come a time that it is impossible to travel around unaided. However, this is not to say that you have to completely change the way in which you live your life. Here at ISB Mobility, we have been acting as an accessory retailer for more than twenty years – this experience means that we are well-placed to advise on the best mobility accessories currently on the market.

Handy Bar

If you are someone that has been struggling with their mobility for an extended period of time, you are no-doubt familiar with the difficulty that is associated with getting in-and-out of a vehicle unaided. Being able to maneuver yourself in a restricted area can be notoriously tricky, especially if you have limited movement in your length. It is for this reason that you should perhaps entertain the idea of investing in the Handy Bar. Though relatively simple in its design, when practically deployed these mobility accessories can provide excellent results. Being made out of a hard rubber material ensures that your hand will not slip off at an inopportune moment.

Splash Cape

For those of you that have already taken the prudent step of investing in a mobility scooter, you will be well-aware of the benefits that you can enjoy from a travelling standpoint. These units are excellent at traversing the world. Unfortunately, there is one major drawback which does not get brought up enough, and this is its suitability in the harsh British climate. Most scooters do not come equipped with a covering, meaning that if it is raining, you are guaranteed to get wet. This is where a splash cape comes into its own – it fits seamlessly onto your vehicle, and ensures that you stay nice and dry.

Walking Stick Bag

There are some individuals that utilise wheelchairs for portions of their daily lives, whilst switching to a walking stick when within the confines of a building. Whilst this is fantastic from a convenience and adaptability point of view, it does throw up some challenges – most notably, where is best to store the stick when in transit. Thankfully, the solution is relatively simple; purchase a walking stick bag. This can be installed easily-and-efficiently to the back of your chair, and means that you have access to your mobility aids as-and-when is required.

Scooter Canopy

As mentioned above, the vast majority of mobility scooters do not come equipped with a covering that protects the user from the weather. This, in turn, can mean that their experience is one ruined by discomfort. It should come as no surprise, then, that there has been a huge spike in popularity for scooter canopies. Their design is such that the driver still has full visibility of the environment around them, yet allowing them to explore the great outdoors without fear of being soaked through.

Looking For Some Assistance?

When it comes to locating a company that has some of the finest mobility aids in Ireland, and can offer you such walking aids as rollators and walking sticks, the only name that you need to be familiar with is that of ISB Mobility. We are able to supply our wares to clients both in Northern Ireland and Ireland – this means that we can leave a greater array of customers smiling-and-satisfied. Do you have any questions about our collection of products, and wish to pose them to our customer support team? If you follow the instructions provided on our website’s contact page, you will be put in touch with the relevant parties.