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Which Walking Aid Should You Purchase?

walking aid wheelchair and mobility scooter

Over the years, more-and-more individuals have begun to use walking aids in everyday life. This can be attributed to numerous factors – for example, their designs have become increasingly efficient, meaning that their users can enjoy an experience that is significantly more comfortable. For those of you wanting some advice on which walking aid you should purchase, take a look at the list below.


As the name suggests, this is a unit that can be easily identified, thanks to its three clearly-defined legs. Adorned with three wheels that are fixed in place, the tri-walker is meant to be used by those whose mobility capabilities are beginning to wane. You can also expect a bag to be integrated into the set-up, meaning that you can easily carry around your accessories, without having to worry about excess baggage. Should you be someone that is searching for a portable item that can be unfurled in a smooth-and-seamless manner, this will be sure to leave you smiling-and-satisfied.


In terms of aesthetics, there are not too many factors which make the rollator discernibly different from the tri-walker. However, in operational terms, they are two very distinct products. The addition of an extra wheel ensures a level of stability that is not present with any of the other units on this list. The lightweight aluminium that is used for the majority of the framework allows it to be utilised in a variety of different environments. What truly allows this unit to stand alone is the integrated seat and backrest, allowing for a rest to be had wherever you are.


For many people, crutches are designed to be utilised by those who have recently incurred an injury, which in turn has had a detrimental effect on the way that they move. In essence, these allow you to carry your weight via your upper body, meaning that you subsequently ease the amount of pressure on your legs. Contrary to popular belief, these are also a mobility aid of choice for some individuals that have long-term issues.

Walking Stick

If you were to consider what the most quintessential walking aid is of the modern era, it is hard to look past the traditional walking stick. This is something that has been in mainstream circulation for countless years, and this represents its proficiency in terms of practicality. Mobility aids should be extremely easy to transport, and effective at helping those with limited movement to walk unaided, and walking sticks tick both these boxes. It is also important to recognise that these products are relatively cheap, as opposed to some of the alternatives that you can find on the market, and this is a major selling point.

ISB Mobility – A Company For You

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