Stairlifts and why you should purchase from an efficient company who are within easy reach geographically. when choosing a Stairlift, it is essential to the stairlift user that the company he/she chooses is reasonably local to you for back up service. You should research the company and find out where they are located. It wouldn’t really make sense for a purchaser of a stairlift who lives in Dublin to buy from a company who operate from, say, Belfast, when they could¬†purchase from a company in Kildare or Dublin or within an hours drive. Stairlifts are like any other serviceable product, they should be chosen carefully because like everything in life, some are better than others and also companies vary in service and no two are the same, look for an installer with a proven back up service who employ only quality trained engineers. Look for insurance details from the company and research their longevity and credibility. ¬†Take your time before deciding. Ask about their back up service, ask about the manufacturer, even call the company on a Sunday to see if they answer the call.