Despite stairlifts being a fantastic piece of equipment that can have a life-changing impact for elderly and mobility-challenged individuals, there is still a bit of a stigma surrounding them. Across the country, rumours and myths are circulating which deter people from pushing through with a purchase. Thanks to the level of expertise that we possess, the ISB Mobility team is pleased to be able to provide some much-needed clarity on the subject, and hopefully convince you that this could be a purchase that you will not regret.


Power cuts render stairlifts useless

If you were to conduct a survey amongst older individuals, in regards to why they were slightly reluctant to purchase a stairlift, you can be sure that the vast majority would point to the belief that if a power cut occurred, they could potentially be left stranded in their homes. This is a matter that we believe is incredibly important to clear up. Thanks to the wonderful power-packs that are installed alongside modern units, this is not a problem that you will ever encounter.  

Narrow staircases can’t have stairlifts

In the past, one of the main reasons that was usually given by someone in regards to why they had not pushed forward with getting a stairlift installed, was in relation to the narrowness of the staircase. Due to the poor manufacturing techniques employed in times gone by, the units themselves were notorious for being rather bulky and cumbersome. Now, however, things could not be any different. Thanks to the advanced technology that we now have access to, the layout and size of your staircase does not factor into the equation – there is a stairlift for everyone. 

Stairlifts aren’t safe to use

When you take a closer look at some of the most recent innovations to come from high-profile stairlift manufacturers, you would certainly notice that there is more of a focus on the overall safety of the user. Whilst the seat belt has been around for a number of years, you will also tend to find infrared sensors and pressure plates. The reason for this is that if there is an obstruction, your stairlift will immediately halt in its tracks. This should immediately resolve any safety concerns that you might have previously had about these incredible units.


They can damage the walls


A common misconception about stairlifts is that they are fitted directly onto the wall of a staircase, and that as time goes on this can slowly-but-surely cause the wall to reduce in quality – this could not be further from the truth. Arguably the most important feature of a stairlift is the power rail. In case you weren’t already aware, this runs in tandem with your bannister, and is meant to offer a smooth journey without causing any damage to your walls. We recognise that this something that many homeowners have previously expressed concern about. 


How Can We Be Of Assistance?

For those of you that are starting to see that it could be beneficial to invest in a stairlift in Ireland, and would like to enlist the help of a top-tier firm that has a well-rounded understanding of this industry, we are pleased to inform you that your search has come to an end. In the eyes of ISB Mobility, it does not matter if your home dictates that you purchase a curved stairlift, or if you are more-than happy to acquire a basic straight stairlift. We are focussed on the needs of our customers, something that can be evidenced by our incredible customer service. Please direct any questions or queries that you might have to our team – you can do this by calling 045 892696.