Whilst you may have noticed the fact that stairlifts are becoming an increasingly-familiar sight in the homes of older adults, you may not be in possession of a comprehensive understanding of its various features. Top-tier stairlifts are comprised of various parts, all of which act in unity to create a first-class experience for the user. As a firm which has been supplying stairlifts in Ireland since 1999, you can be sure that the team here at Irish Stairlifts are fully aware of the most important features. If you would like to be privy to a brief education on what these are, all the relevant information is listed below.

Slide Rail

Many people remain under the impression that stairlifts are an unwise investment, due to the way in which they damage the walls which they are attached to. Whilst this may have been the case in years gone by, moderns come equipped with a state-of-the-art feature known as the slide rail. In essence, this is used as the primary runner for the stairlift, meaning that the chances of structural mutilation are next to zero. Not only this, but it ensures that the journey itself is a lot smoother – there is now no longer the need to endure a bumpy and uncomfortable ride.

Emergency Battery

There have been many horror stories over the years regarding the way in which stairlifts would not work, should there be a power cut. We are pleased to inform you that this is a problem of the past, and newer models have a built-in safeguard to prevent this from happening, in the form of a back-up battery. During emergencies, you need not fear getting stuck and being unable to move. Depending on the model that you purchase, you will either be constantly plugged into the mains which subsequently charges the batteries, or you will have to make a concerted effort to manually charge them.

Safety Belt

The main motive behind obtaining a stairlift is to try and ensure one’s safety when travelling up-and-down the stairs; as such, it is to be expected that there are safety measures included when buying a stairlift. One of the most prominent of these is the safety belt – although relatively simple in design, it performs its job in an efficient-and-effective manner. Although the ride itself is smooth, it is important to prevent the user from slipping from the seat, or be jerked from it when the ride concludes.

Adjustable Seat

This is once again a feature which is dependent on the type of stairlift that you purchase. For example, if you are simply requiring a straight stairlift which does not go around corners, the likelihood is that the seat will be rigid. However, for those that have curved stairs, a powered swivel seat is considered to be essential. Those who opt to get a model with this feature will be able to enjoy a seamless journey, and worrying about embarking and disembarking will be a thing of the past.

A Short Introduction To Irish Stairlifts

Have you been attempting to find a stairlift installer that has more than twenty years worth of experience in the business? Are you in need of a curved stairlift, but have been unable to source one for an affordable price? If either of the aforementioned scenarios applies to you, you will be pleased to hear that Irish Stairlifts is here to help. We are well-known for having some of the lowest stairlift costs in the country, meaning that you do not need to worry about spending a premium on our products. If this sounds of interest to you, why not go to our website’s contact page and start your journey today?