The Supra Incline Platform Lift
The Supra is an Incline Platform Lift, advanced in design and ergonomics, created to meet the needs of customers who demand the best in comfort and quality. Because of its unique rail concept, Supra is suitable for installation on almost any type of staircase: straight or curved; indoors or outdoors. Supra’s dual rail concept is robust in design and doubles up as a handrail, creating optimal use of space. Special attention has been paid to safety and quality. Supra has been tested to TÜV standards and is CE certified. Custom made

Optional features
The wide range of optional features include: automatic folding; different platform sizes; light and acoustic signals; on-board controls and intermediate stops. These features adapt the platform lift to any location and to your every requirement.

Custom made solutions
SUPRA is our specific solution for curved stairs. It can be installed indoors or outdoors. Once the lift is installed, the stairs will still be completely accessible for other users as the platform folds up compactly.

Easy to install
The platform and rail can be installed in one or two days. Simply anchor the rail supports to the stairs, place the rail on them, fit the platform and connect to the power supply.

Easy to use
It comes with a remote control. Simply press the button and the Supra will take you where you want to go.

Eye for detail and reliability
Its aluminium rails and its accurate, detailed design make it unique. It is certified to meet CE, IMQ, TUV standards. Exceptional engineering offers utmost reliability and safety under any conditions. Special anti-crush and anti-shearing devices stop the machine in the event of danger. The “soft start and stop” feature means that you will arrive gently at the upper and lower landings. A wide selection of materials makes it perfect for all surroundings and architectural styles.

The Supra has a fold-up platform. It can be parked at the landing and takes up very little space, thanks to the ability to park it around the corner.

Capacity• 150 kg – 250 kgStandard platform• (LxW) 860×710, 860×650, 1050×850
Speed• 7 cm/secMinimum stair width• From 943 mm (special platform)
Drive system• Rack and pinionWeight• Machine Body 175 kg
• Aluminium rail 15 Kg/m
Power• 0,75 KWNorm compliance• 98/37/CE
Voltage• 230 Volt 50 HzType certification• CE TÜV
Control voltage• 24V DCMain options• Intermediate stops
• Controls on platform
• Special platform sizes available on request
• Folding seat
• Automatic folding safety arms and platform
• Electrical emergency lowering
• Light and acoustic signals
• Increased speed 13 cm/sec • Battery backup
Minimum bending radius• 180 mm
Maximum travel• 40 m
Max angle of incline• Up to 45°

The photos, drawings and other information are simply an indication and can be modified without any notice.

Platform length
Straight stairsCurved stairs
Platform size
with 90°
with 90°
850 max width1199N/A11991260N/A1300
500 min width849N/A849N/AN/A993
*Standard platformMinimum stair width (mm)