Generous and adjustable

The 509 mm wide seat of the Elan stairlift is among the more generous on the market today. The seat height is adjustable to suit the individual user. The weight capacity is 136 kg.


The design of the Elan stairlift is very space efficient, leaving plenty of room to walk on the stairs. The slim rail can be installed as close as 127 mm from the wall and with the armrests, seat and footrest folded the Elan takes up only 305 mm.

Rail profile

The Homeadapt straight rail profile is the least intrusive in the market. Our philosophy is that the rail should have a modest impact on the home. The result is a unique and attractive design.

Powered options

Your existing Elan stairlift can, at any time, be upgraded with three powered options, powered swivel action, powered folding footrest and powered folding rail. Whether you need it right now or may need it in the future; an upgrade does not require that you replace your carriage as is the case with many other stairlifts.

Parking and charging

With its continuous charge strip along the entire rail, the batteries of the Elan can charge regardless of where the lift is parked. By using the remote-control the stairlift can be parked anywhere on the rail; removing potential obstruction from the hallway and leaving the lift out of sight.


The simplicity in design makes the Elan easy and quick to install.

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