Do you need a reliable supplier of mobility aids in Ireland? Welcome to Irish Stairlifts and Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop when it comes to mobility aids. With an incredible range to choose from, we are sure that we can provide you with the perfect mobility aid for your needs. Since being established back in 1999 we have had the pleasure of assisting a wide variety of customers and we look forward to helping you also.

There are many different types of mobility aids in Ireland and depending on your needs and requirements we would recommend different aids. All mobility aids are designed to help people who have problems moving around enjoy greater freedom and independence. These mobility aids include everything from canes and crutches to wheelchairs and stairlifts, you will find all of these items here at Irish Stairlifts And Bathrooms.

Some of the most popular mobility aids in Ireland that people turn to us for are mobility scooters. Mobility scooters are incredibly beneficial for those without the upper body strength or flexibility to use a manual wheelchair and many scooter users report a positive impact on their lives due to their choice of mobility aid. All of our mobility scooters are incredibly simple to manoeuvre and operate, wherever you wish to use them and can give you back your independence immediately. The modern mobility scooters we provide fit in brilliantly with the ever-changing ways in which people socialise. With public spaces constantly improving accessibility, it is becoming much, much easier for mobility scooter users to access places, portable mobility scooters can also usually be taken on public transport.

We have lots of different mobility scooters to choose from and if you’re unsure which would be best for you our experienced team will be able to assist you. We will take the time to get to know you and find out things such as your budget, how frequently you will use your mobility scooter and the distance you will need to travel on it. We will then be able to recommend a few mobility scooters for you that are budget-friendly. We can assure you that no matter which mobility scooter you opt for, it will be an investment and will be there to assist you for many years.

If you would like to speak to a member of our friendly team regarding our mobility aids in Ireland and how they could benefit you we will gladly take the time to discuss everything with you. You can contact us by calling 045892696 and we will provide you with any additional information you require. We will also be able to provide you with rough price guides for all of our mobility aids in Ireland so that you can compare the different options to your budget.