Some of you reading this may be under the impression that, in the grand scheme of things, rollators are slightly behind the curve, especially when compared to some of the other mobility-related products that you can find for similar prices. However, anyone that is well-versed in the world of disability aids, such as the experts here at ISB Mobility, will tell you that this could not be further from the truth. If you need any convincing of these products’ advantageous qualities, feel free to browse through the list of reasons down below.

Improves Strength

One of the most important things that you need to realise, regarding rollators, is that they are not completely absolving you of your physical duties. Instead, they allow you to try and build up the strength in your legs – very few other walking aids can testify to do the same. Wheeled rollators are designed to be used as more of a ‘crutch’ so-to-speak. The wheels look to make your journey smooth-and-seamless, whilst the steel frame itself means that you can put as much weight onto the unit as you wish.

Greater Independence

As you notice your physical capabilities begin to decline, naturally you will begin to worry that you will have to solely rely on the assistance of others when you wish to move around. Although this might have been the case in years gone by, the situation is entirely different in today’s world. By investing in a lightweight rollator, you can subsequently retain a significant amount of independence – what this can do for your self-esteem is something which cannot be put into words. Rest-assured that you do not want to miss out on this feeling.


The majority of modern rollators that you will find currently circulating the market have frames which consist either of steel or aluminium. The reason for this is that these materials are deemed to be incredible from a durability point of view. As such, you will not have to concern yourself with trying to find a new model in a few months’ time, simply because your existing unit has failed you. When you buy an aluminium rollator, you do-so with the intention of using it for the foreseeable future.


Why Choose Us?

When it comes to finding a retailer that can easily cater to your needs, particularly in relation to rollators, the only name that you need to be familiar with is that of ISB Mobility. As is evidenced by the wonderful array of testimonials that we have received since opening our doors for business, we never have any issues in regards to customer satisfaction. If you wish to be left with a smile on your face, we suggest placing an order with us – you won’t be disappointed.

Start Your Journey Today

Do you feel as if your current walking stick is no-longer viable to use in the outside world, and therefore are looking for a replacement? Have you been searching high-and-low for a lightweight, aluminium-framed rollator that you can take everywhere you go, and is incredibly easy to use? If you have ticked either of these metaphorical boxes, the likelihood is that your search has come to an end. 


In ISB Mobility, you have a company which possesses in excess of twenty years of experience. The expertise that we have built-up during this time means that we are some of the foremost experts, in Ireland, when it comes to walking frames and wheeled walkers. If you feel like our services could be beneficial for you, we ask that you please follow the contact instructions on our website; these will put you in touch with our support representatives.