Level Access Showers and Tanking. Learn why they don’t leak and why so many people are benefiting from installing one upstairs in their home. Level access showers are a great solutionfor anybody with mobility issues, they are suitable for bathing for everybody including able bodied people, elderly and wheelchair users. Its a perfect solution for all.

Image 1.

This image is of an upstairs wet shower area installed into a timber floor situation to allow level access when entering the shower. This is the finished result and you will notice the dark coloured water resistant finish seal between the floor and the walls. This gives extra resistance against leakage and is designed for flexibilty and longevity.


Image 2.

This image shows what’s going on underneath the finished level access wet shower area. The white floor former tray (max load 60 stone) is inserted into your joists upstairs, the tray has a natural fall built into it at 1:40 for drainage. The edge of the tray is mated up with a marine plywood or backer board which covers the underside of the rest of the room floor. The grey seal application that you see around the corners and the edges of the tray is a flexible tanking kit, that leaves the underside of the wet area also water tight. So you will see that the work in image 1 and image 2 is a water tight finish to your upstairs shower room.