Do you want to get a riser recliner but are unsure of what one would suit your needs? We are here to help!

There are a number of different riser recliners. These amazing chairs will gently guide you into a standing or seating position with the use of a built in motor. They can recline to a lot of settings that you can press using the remote control and also raise the footrest to give you a large choice of seating positions.

Single motor and dual motor riser recliners

Riser recliners come with either a single motor or dual motor.

Single Motor Riser Recliners

Single motor riser recliners will lower the backrest whilst simultaneously raising the footrest, relaxing you into a comfortable laying position. With a dual motor riser recliner there are two motors which raise and lower the back and foot rests independently, allowing you an almost infinite number of positions to choose from.

Dual Motor Riser Recliners

A dual motor riser recliner is suitable if you need to be able to sit up vertically but also keep your legs raised.

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