Whilst it is certainly true that mobility scooters have taken off from a popularity perspective in recent years, people still argue about what type you should opt for in order to enjoy a smooth-and-seamless experience. In truth, if you are searching for a high-end option, you need look no further than portable mobility scooters which are specially-designed to fold up within a moment’s notice. Here to offer you a little more information about the benefits of these particular units, are the wonderful Irish Stairlifts representatives.

More Convenient

One of the main reasons that folding mobility scooters are ideal for the modern world is because they can be transported incredibly easily. No longer will you be forced to turn down trips with your friends and family, simply due to the fact that your existing scooter cannot be reduced in size. Large scooters, whilst excellent when on the roads, can be a little cumbersome and tricky to maneuver into compact spaces. Should you be looking to routinely go on excursions that are a little further away from home, a bespoke travel scooter represents the ideal

Cheaper Model

When you look at some of the larger models that you can purchase, you might have noticed that the price tag which is usually attached is somewhat more expensive. This can make it rather difficult to afford, and can lead to you looking elsewhere for a solution. Thankfully, this is not a problem that you will encounter when you decide to acquire a lightweight mobility scooter that can be disassembled. Despite having more in the way of moving parts, the overall cost is significantly reduced.

Improved Transportation

Though this is something that we have already touched upon, we believe that it is necessary to reinforce the fact that the main selling point of folding mobility scooters is related to the way in which they can be taken apart in a quick-and-easy fashion. When you think about the hassle that you have previously endured when trying to take your scooter onto an airplane, or even in the back of a friend’s car, you will understand how valuable this particular benefit is. You can be rest-assured that this is not a product that you want to overlook.

Which Should You Buy?

In terms of the folding mobility scooters that you can currently find in circulation, you will be pleased to hear that there is an abundance of choice available to you. Depending on your budget, you may look to either keep your expenses to a minimum, or sample a premium lifestyle. Regardless of if you choose to acquire the Illusion Travel Scooter, or believe that the Minimo Autofold is more to your liking, one thing is for certain. The way in which you live your life will forever be changed for the better.


Irish Stairlifts – Who Are We?

Do you think that your life could be positively impacted by having access to a folding mobility scooter, and now want to begin your search for a model that suits your needs? Are you interested in the possibility of being easily transported from location-to-location, whilst remaining incredibly comfortable during the journeys? 


In terms of finding a retailer which has a diverse scooter range to showcase to you, the only name that you need to know is that of Irish Stairlifts. Portable scooters, folding scooters, compact scooters – these are just some examples of the options that we can present you with. In order to educate yourself further about our services, we suggest speaking to a member of our support team on 045 892696; we cannot wait to hear from you.