Throughout our lives our body’s are challenged in many different aspects, be that activity, wellness, illness, disability or simply old age and although these are not conditions we even consider before being faced with the challenge itself, we are quickly prompted to think about the logistics that comes with dealing with old age, illness or disability.


With that being said, in order to continue doing the things we love and enjoy as well as carry out day to day tasks at home and out and about whilst maintaining your desired level of independence, we may have to make some changes or adaptations to provide us with the helping hand we may need one day. 


Although you may think this starts with the help of another human being, there are in fact other tools and resources to consider that may be the difference between needing another person’s support and keeping that extra bit of independence you had hoped.


Discovering the Help you Need to Get Up and Down the Stairs Independently


One of the most popular mobility aids that has been proven to benefit a wide number of elderly or disabled customers and allowed them to maintain their independence in the comfort of their own home is that of a quality stairlift.


Stairlifts are the ideal solution for those that simply find taking the stairs between their floors of their property a challenging task in itself. That being said our stairlifts in Wicklow at ISB Mobility not only offer an extensive range of characteristics; some appealing more than others, including how quiet they are when in motion, their great reliability which we are sure you’ll be more than happy to depend on, all the way down to their design and stylishness.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of stairlifts to choose from; some examples being the Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift, Platinum Horizon Straight Stairlift and Ultimate Curved Stairlift, which are suitable for both straight and shaped stair layouts, therefore making our affordable, quality stairlifts in Wicklow suitable for any of our customers and their home. 


To find out more about all of the stairlifts we have to offer at ISB Mobility, please visit our website for more information.


Why Choose ISB Mobility as your Stairlift Provider?


Now, we understand that when it comes to looking for a provider of a service you haven’t needed before, it can often be tricky to tell whether you are getting the best service, deal and quality for the price you are paying. That is why we have dedicated great time and attention into perfecting our trade over the past 25 years to ensure the quality of service that our customers receive is exactly what they expect and deserve. 


During the time since our establishment we have become a recognised vendor to the HSE; and have been for over 10 years now, as well as proudly having covered numerous grant work jobs with county councils all over Ireland. So you can rest assured our highly qualified and professional technicians have your best interests at the forefront of their priority list.


Speak to our Experts About the Support our Quality Stairlifts in Wicklow Offer


Should you wish to find out more about our renowned County Kildare, Ireland based mobility solutions provider, the services we have to offer, along with the top of the range products and resources we use for each and every one of our projects, then we encourage you to head over to our website or get in touch with us directly today.


This can be done by giving us a call either on +353 (0)1 6167079 or +353 (0) 45 892696 where our friendly and helpful experts are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have about our company and the services we offer that may benefit you or a loved one now or in the future.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact us via a digital platform then please do not hesitate to send your enquiry to our email address or by filling in the relevant information into our online contact form. Once we have received your correspondence, we will work to gather all of the further information you have requested as well as generate a free estimate for the service you require.