When you struggle with mobility, the stairs in your home can be a daunting task; it can be both a challenge and a safety hazard. If you are starting to struggle with the stairs, don’t put yourself in danger; instead, you could look to install a stairlift. Introducing a mobility stairlift into your home is beneficial in many ways, not just for you but also for concerned family members. Take a look below at just four of the different benefits you can embrace when you install a stairlift.  


Remain Safe on the Stairs


The steep nature of steps and the hard edges make for an unforgiving surface, and even for those who don’t struggle with their mobility, stairs can always be seen as a safety hazard, which is why we are taught from a young age to be careful when climbing them. 


Falls and other accidents on the stairs can be dangerous and damaging, and the loss of mobility can make the stairs even more daunting. Introducing a stairlift to your home is a great way to combat the danger stairs present. 


Stairlifts eliminate the need to overexert yourself when you’re climbing and allow you to move between the levels of your house so that you can complete the task that requires going upstairs, in a safer and easier manner. 


Maintaining your Independence


For many, declining or a complete loss of mobility means that climbing the stairs becomes an incredibly challenging or impossible feat. Being unable to climb the stairs, something you used to do frequently in your daily life, can feel restricting, affect your daily routine, and mean that you have to rely on others to help you, which may feel like losing your independence. 


A loss of independence can affect mental health; a build-up of frustration, anxiety, the feeling of becoming a burden to friends and family, and the idea that you have lost control of your own life can have a negative impact on your day-to-day life. 


A mobility stairlift is a fantastic way to retain a sense of independence. You are able to reach the upper levels of your home in a way that is safe for you and without having to completely rely on others. Having a daily routine that is recognizable to you and no longer feeling restricted to one floor of your home, could be what you need to bring back some confidence and independence. 


Alternative to Downsizing your Property


When climbing the stairs becomes too much of an obstacle, you may be wondering whether it’s time to move into a bungalow or look into care home options, but why not get a stairlift installed instead?


A mobility stairlift is a much more affordable option, less time-consuming and a less drastic measure than having to sell your home and move somewhere else. With all the changes that a loss of mobility can bring, being able to continue living in your own home, surrounded by your belongings and memories, could be the constant that you need to adapt to the new changes. 


Peace of Mind


Stress and anxiety are powerful and can affect people both mentally and physically. If you have previously had a fall on the stairs or you are starting to struggle with them and it’s becoming a source of stress or unease, taking measures to combat this is important so that you can feel comfortable staying in your own home. 


A stairlift for your home can bring a sense of safety and comfort, and this may be just what you need to give yourself peace of mind when living at home, especially if you are on your own. However, taking precautions for your safety is not only beneficial for you. 


If you have family members who are stressed and worried about your safety when climbing the stairs, then a stairlift could be great for their peace of mind, especially if they can’t get to you quickly to help or in the unfortunate event of a fall. 


How Can We Help?


With more than 25 years’ experience, we can offer a high level of knowledge, using it to recognise the needs of our customers and advice on the best products to meet said requirements. We have a number of fantastic products to fit straight and curved staircases and a team able to install them to a high-level standard. 

If you want to chat with us about your requirements, we’d be happy to answer questions and provide guidance to help you find the stairlift that will work best for you and your home. Call us on 01 6167079 or 045 892696, or email showroom@irishstairlifts.ie for more information.