As is the case with almost all products, before purchasing a stairlift it is likely that you will conduct extensive research into the particular model. You will want to weigh up the pros and cons, and ensure that it will be able to effectively carry out its designated task. If this is something that you typically do, we are pleased to inform you that you do not need to do this alone. Thanks to the years of experience that we have in selling an array of disability aids, the team here at Irish Stairlifts are pleased to clear up some of the most prominent rumours circulating about stairlifts.

‘They can’t handle heavier people’

Whilst this may have been a problem during the early days of stairlifts, it is certainly not true of more modern incarnations. Stairlift manufacturers have come to realise that people of all shapes-and-sizes may need the assistance provided by these products; it is for this reason that they have sought to improve their durability. For example, the Homeadapt Elite is able to handle a load of up to thirty stone, meaning that there are few people that exceed its weight limit. Being too heavy for a stairlift is a thing of the past – they are now accessible to all.

‘They are very expensive’

Due to the complex nature of this type of mobility equipment, it is true that there are some brands and models that do come attached with a premium price tag. However, typically, there are base models which can be easily afforded. For some disabled people, there are also grants that can be obtained, in order to assist with the purchasing of high-quality mobility aids, such as mobility scooters and stairlifts.

‘They damage walls’

This is one of the most common misconceptions associated with stairlifts. It cannot be stressed enough – stairlifts are not fixed, in any way, to the walls of buildings. Instead, there is a guardrail that is attached to the staircase. The stairlift then subsequently glides across this track. Many people have opted not to purchase one of these fantastic products, due to their fear that it would ruin their home’s interior. We hope that, by setting the record straight on this matter, more people will be open to investing in this daily living aid.

‘They don’t work during power cuts’

This is a rumour which certainly ran rife during the early days of stairlifts; if you were strapped into a stairlift and the power suddenly went out, you would be stuck there until power was restored. We are pleased to inform concerned buyers that this is not the case. Although modern units are still typically connected to, and powered by, the mains, they also come equipped with a back-up power supply. This is to ensure that these units will be usable, no matter the circumstances.

Would you like to purchase a stairlift?

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