Debunking Common Stairlift Myths


Over the years, stairlifts have become a more common occurrence in a number of modern households. They are typically viewed as one of the most efficient ways in which to improve access around the home, for those who face challenges with their mobility. However, there are a number of rumours in circulation, which put people off of purchasing a product which could change their life. To the team here at Irish Stairlifts, this is unacceptable – as such, we are pleased to dispel some of these myths.

‘Stairlifts Are Only For Straight Stairs’

There will be many people out there that think that, because they have more than one flight of stairs, they cannot get a stairlift. This could not be further from the truth – there are countless models on the market, to serve those with both straight and curved staircases. You do not need to allow your home’s layout, to dictate whether or not you can purchase a high-quality mobility aid.

‘Stairlifts Must Be Attached To The Wall’

If you were to ask someone why, when they could clearly benefit from a stairlift, they do not purchase one, a primary reason would be regarding concern for their home’s structure. Yes, there may have been cases in the past which resulted in walls being damaged. 


However, the advancements which have been made in modern technology, now allow for stairlifts to be mounted upon stair treads. These have not only proven to be much sturdier, allowing for a smooth ride, but they also mean that no modifications will need to be made, prior to installation.

‘Stairlifts Are Only For Older People’

Whilst most people who use stairlifts are of the older persuasion, this does not mean that these are the sole target audience. When it comes to living aids such as stairlifts, it does not matter your age. It could be that you’ve been afflicted with a debilitating sports injury that has drastically hampered your mobility, or you have had surgery and require a temporary solution. Whatever the reason, age should not factor into whether or not a stairlift is a sensible and acceptable purchase for your needs. 

‘All Stairlifts Are Unsightly’

When they first came into public circulation, they may not have been the most stylish of appliances. As years have gone by, however, there has been much honing and refining within the stairlift design process. The results have been astounding; there are countless models available for purchase, which are aesthetically pleasing, as well as built very well.

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