If you were to look at the various mobility products that are currently available on the market, you would notice that a large proportion of these are targeted towards use in the bathroom. This is somewhere that older people notoriously struggle to retain their independence, hence why manufacturers have been working tirelessly to address this problem. Here at ISB Mobility, are blessed to have been able to stock a large number of bath seats, which have been flying off of the shelves in recent years. If you are a little curious as to why this is the case, we suggest that you continue your reading down below. 

Improved Comfort

For the most part, the main motivation behind purchasing a top-tier plastic bath seat is that they greatly improve the experience that can be had whilst bathing. Rather than being uncomfortable and agitated whilst lying down, these types of products can ensure that you are able to relax. With a significant amount of padding both in the headrest and on the back support, you won’t have to worry about your posture ruining your time in the steaming water. Instead, you can sit back, and simply let the stresses drift away from your body.

Greater Safety

In case you were not already aware, there are certain bath seats that feature electronic capabilities; the batteries that these units are fitted with are water-resistant, ensuring that they cannot be damaged even when fully-submerged. The reason why one of these particular seats may appeal to you is if you are facing challenges related to your mobility. Rather than try and struggle to get into and out-of the tub, you can use the mechanical movements to conserve your strength. This is incredibly important, particular when you consider how slippery of a surface you tend to stand on.   

Fully Portable

Although this is something that will most-likely not factor into your line of thinking when considering whether or not to purchase a bath seat, we suggest that you do not totally disregard the fact that they are portable. What this means is that if you go on holiday, or visit a friend or family member for an extended period, you can take this with you. The adjustable width also ensures that regardless of the shape of tub that they possess, you will have no-trouble fitting your seat to the particular specifications. 

Various Options

What you may have failed to realise, in relation to bath seats, is that they come in all manner of shapes and sizes. The vast majority have suction cups underneath, as these are excellent at improving stability. There are some that can also be found with arm rests, thereby trying to improve the level of convenience that you can enjoy whilst bathing. Whichever model you opt for, you can be rest-assured that this is an investment that will pay dividends time and again.

ISB Mobility – Here For You

Are you someone that is entering into the latter stages of their life, and is therefore looking to take proactive steps in order to retain your independence? Have you been entertaining the idea of purchasing a bath seat, but have yet to find one that catches your eye? If you can relate to either of these scenarios, you will be thrilled to learn that in ISB Mobility, you have a company that is more-than equipped to help you. Our collection of products is diverse, and we would be privileged to be able to assist you in improving your current living arrangements. More information about our services can be attained by emailing one of our fantastic representatives via the enquiry form located on our website.