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A Guide To The Disability Aids You Don’t Want To Miss

Which Disability Aid Should You Invest in?

In times gone by, disability aids were regarded to be an incredible niche set of products, with not much variation between each unit. Manufacturers would typically have incredibly similar designs, and in terms of functionality, there was not much to them. Thankfully, the landscape has changed dramatically since the turn of the century – now, during your research phase, you will undoubtedly be presented with a seemingly endless list of options. Here to provide you with a little guidance regarding the mobility aids that you should pay extra attention to, are the Irish Stairlifts’ experts. 


When you first cast your gaze over a riser-recliner, it is understandable that you would not be able to discern the difference between it and a normal armchair. However, appearances can be deceiving – it is underneath the upholstery that you will find the fantastic elements of this product. This is a chair that is designed to make getting in-and-out a smooth-and-seamless process. Targeted at individuals that do not have the physical capabilities that they once possessed, you will find that this makes for an excellent addition to your home’s living room. 

Thru-Floor Lift

Some of you reading this may argue that this does not constitute a product, but should instead be considered an installation. Whatever your viewpoint may be in terms of labels, we are sure that you can agree that from an engineering point of view, the Thru-Floor Lift is nothing short of exceptional. An alternative to the traditional stairlift, this is ideal for those of you that are confined to a wheelchair, and need something to enable you to reach your upper floor with minimal stress. 

Power Pack

What this product lacks in style, it more than makes up for in innovation and sheer brilliance. For those of you that have not come into contact with a power pack before, allow us to offer a brief explanation regarding what it is, and why it is quite so incredible. In short, this is a product that can be installed onto existing wheelchairs in a matter of seconds and subsequently provides assisted driving capabilities. This will drastically take the strain off of your arms and can increase the distance that you can go at any one time.

Why Choose Us?

Whilst, in truth, there are numerous companies from which you can decide to purchase disability aids, there is only one that will truly leave you with a smile on your face. Since we first opened in 1999, Irish Stairlifts has had the privilege of working with countless customers, each of whom we have sought to provide an unmatched experience. If you need any convincing of this fact, now may be the best time to direct you to our Trustpilot page. Here, you will be swamped with glowing testimonials which, we hope, will illustrate to you our credentials. 

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Have you been searching, high and low, for mobility aids that will serve to make your daily life easier? Do you find yourself looking for disability equipment that is designed to be installed with domestic properties, and can offer benefits for years to come? Should you be someone that values competitive prices and first-class customer service, you have come to the right place – Irish Stairlifts is here to help. 

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