Are you looking for a reliable company to buy walking frames from? Look no further, here at ISB Mobility we have been providing our customers with walking aids for many years now. Whether this is your first time purchasing a walking frame or if you’re looking to update your current frame our team are here to assist you.

Many people buy walking frames when they require additional support to maintain balance and stability while walking. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors use and can be used whenever you feel necessary. All walking frames will provide a wider support base for the user and will help distribute their weight through their arms, transferring it away from their legs and reducing fatigue. We hope that when buying a walking frame over time the user will start to feel more confident in their walking ability and may even use the frame less.

When choosing to buy a walking frame and deciding which one to go for the NHS recommend that you should think about a few different factors such as where you will be using your walking frame and whether you will also need a seat on your frame. There are so many different walking frames available and if you only want to use your frame inside then one without wheels will be best whereas when using it outside one with wheels is better. You should also consider whether you are strong enough to lift a frame without wheels by yourself and whether you need to fold it to get it into a car.

Our team at ISB Mobility will take the time to discuss with you how often and where you will be using your walking frame. We will also get to know a bit about when you and what you’re looking to get out of your walking frame. Our experienced team will then be able to suggest the best frame for you. We will assist you throughout the whole process and will gladly take the time to show you all of the different options available to you.

You can come and visit us in store to buy your walking frame, we are located in Unit 6 Clane Business Park, College Road, Clane, Co. Kildare and are open from 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Thursday and 9 am – 4 pm on Fridays. Our friendly team will be able to provide you with some assistance and answer any questions you have about walking frames. If you can only get to us at the weekend then alternative arrangements can be made to suit your needs, we can open at pre-agreed times, so get in contact to book an appointment to visit our showroom.