As you get older, it is understandable that your mobility may have begun to deteriorate. It could be that your joints are a little stiffer everyday, or that your motility has been compromised by an accident. Whatever the reason, you may be seeking a way in which to regain some of your self-sufficiency around your home. This is where stairlifts come to the fore, and we here at Irish Stairlifts are pleased to explain why.

Restoration Of Independence

This is one of the primary reasons behind people going through with purchasing and installing stairlifts. No matter the reason behind your loss for mobility, it can be difficult for people to cope with being totally dependent on the aid from others, to be able to traverse even the simplest of journeys. With a stairlift, you are able to enjoy the freedom of your properties upper floor, without enduring the pain of going up unaided.

The mobility stairlifts that are supplied by Irish Stairlifts will not fail to amaze you in their capabilities. Not only this, but thanks to the diversity of our stock, we are able to cater to various requirements – both in relation to the user, and also their conformity with the home they are installed in.

Safety Epitomised

Over the years, there have been many improvements and upgrades that have been made to stairlifts; one thing which has never been compromised, however, is their safety. The wellbeing of the user has always been of paramount importance – it is for this reason that all stairlifts come equipped with safety feature, such as a safety belt.

Irish Stairlifts has always endeavoured to ensure the security and safety of all its product’s users – you can be sure that when purchasing from us, you do not need to worry about the quality of our units.

Affordable Solution

You may think that the installation of a stairlift would be a rather large drain on your financial resources; however, if you look at some of the alternatives, you will see that this could not be further from the truth. Some decide that a home lift is the correct form of action, whilst others elect to move to a new property altogether.

When you are looking for the best priced stairlifts on the market, you need look no further than those offered by Irish Stairlifts. With an array of units to choose from, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed by a lack of selection.

Irish Stairlifts

When you are looking for a supplier of premium residential stairlifts in Ireland, the first name which should come to mind is Irish Stairlifts. Here, we combine the provision of high-quality products, with the consistent deliverance of first-class customer support. If you have a question regarding any of our units, you can be sure that our team of exceptional representatives in the customer service department will provide you with an answer in a prompt and informative fashion.

There are various channels which can be utilised should you wish to get in touch with one of our operatives. If you have a preference for utilising written methods for discussing business matters, you can either send us an email directly at, or submit your query, along with your contact information, via our website’s enquiry form. As an alternative, if you would be more comfortable conversing over the phone, you can simply give us a call on 045 892696.