Do you wish to do business with a company that has twenty years worth of experience in the disability access market? Are you in the market for a type of mobility aid? If the answer to either of the previous questions is yes, then your search is over – Irish Stairlifts is here for you. Our contact details are below, for anyone that wishes to inquire further about our products.

When you come to Irish Stairlifts, you are dealing with a company that truly cares about you and your requirements; we understand that you may be suffering for a disability, but this by no means should be a limitation. This is why we are well-stocked with a variety of mobility aids, both to be used in everyday life at home, as well as excursions in public. Whether you are seeking an appliance which can assist you with getting around your home in a more independent manner, such as with a stairlift, or desire the installation of bars and ramps outside your home which can be used for easier access to your property, one thing is certain – Irish Stairlifts is guaranteed to have a product which helps you. Should you wish to have the chance to browse through our collection of mobility aids in their entirety, we invite you to do so by going to the dedicated page on our website, which is accessible here.

Due to the nature of the industry that we operate in, here at Irish Stairlifts, we believe that it is important to give our prospective customers the chance to get a visual insight into the types of finishes that they can expect when utilising our services. To this end, we have published a variety of finished articles on our gallery page – we hope that, after viewing this portfolio of work, you will be instilled with the belief that we can deliver for you. If you are still harbouring doubts regarding our ability to perform, we encourage you to read through any one of the extensive testimonials that have been left on our Trustpilot page. If you don’t believe the words that we say, we hope that you will be lifted by the statements left from previously satisfied customers.

In this modern era, it is vital that a company remains transparent and accessible to its customers, prospective or otherwise. This is why there are numerous avenues that you can go down to get in contact with Irish Stairlifts. If you would like to ask questions, in an informal capacity, about our mobility aids, you can give us a call on 04 5892696. We also welcome inquiries by written means – you can either send us an e-mail at, or complete and submit the form located on our contact page.